Monday, August 3, 2020

Sunday lunch.....

How quickly weekends seem to pass!  Does that seem to be the case for you, too?

Sunday lunch was a success!

The menu was roasted turkey breast, which I glazed with mango chutney the last half hour of baking; mashed potatoes; peas and carrots; cranberry casserole, peeking out at the top left; and blueberry dump cake, shown below.

I have had this recipe for several years, and it’s good with or without whipped cream!😋

The first full week of August is ahead.  Do you have some special things to anticipate?  Are you able to usually keep your worries under control?  Being busy is a help to me, and heading to the kitchen seems to do that!  

Wishing you a week of all good things!  Be safe, and stay well!


  1. Your table looks so delicious, as it always does, Nellie. Turkey was my favourite meat, and I never kept it just for Christmas. You are making me hungry for a cold turkey and stuffing sandwich now, with Branston pickle and pickled onions!

  2. Looks absolutely scrumptious Nellie, I love Sunday dinners.
    Your dump cake is a winner, I prefer mine with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, don't worry about the calories :)
    Have a lovely week dear friend,

  3. Well, Sister, I'd love to have been there to help you get rid of all this luscious food! I think I'd volunteer to bring the Stove Top stuffing, but I'm sure that wouldn't have been needed. Enjoy your leftovers if there are any. As for my August plans, there's not much except for a second opinion on the cost of a crown for my tooth. Stay safe and keep on cooking! Love you!

  4. Not just the weekend but the whole WEEK!!
    Everything looks delicious!!

  5. Nellie, your meals always make my mouth water! What a great cook you are, my friend. I feel the same about the days flying by. I do hope you have a great week. We are getting much needed rain. xoxo

  6. Your turkey dinner looks so delicious. And I am intrigued that you mention a cranberry casserole, as I've never heard of making it as a casserole. Must check that out. August will unfold, for us, quietly and without too much fanfare in these unusual times... some writing, some weeding, some reading, baking, sitting outside on sunny days, watching the birds and the squirrels, going for drives in the countryside....

    Wishing you a beautiful day, Nellie.
    Bren xo

  7. Your Sunday dinner looks and sounds delicious.

    All the best Jan

  8. Oh my, everything looks so good. The high point of the week may be the tropical storm yesterday. I do have our monthly bible study -- now virtual -- on Saturday and always look forward to our get-togethers. Even via Zoom we still manage to a good discussion. Thankfully, we have electricity, but parts of Queens and the Bronx didn't do as well.