Saturday, August 22, 2020

On the menu....

 Do you have a special Saturday morning breakfast routine you follow?  When the “children” were at home, it seems that everyone expected pancakes on Saturday.  I don’t remember if that was a regular Saturday morning breakfast, though I remember making them much more often than in recent years.

This morning, I added some homemade goodies to some purchased ones and had this offering for breakfast....

Here we have homemade buttermilk biscuits, gingerbread muffins, and blueberry breakfast cookies to go along with purchased mini-scones and croissants.  Of course, there were leftovers!  That’s considered a treat around here!  Oh, also homemade strawberry and blueberry preserves!

On the menu for Sunday Lunch is....Salmon with roasted grapes, rice pilaf, mixed vegetable casserole, roasted asparagus, cheese rolls, and dessert, of course!  Wonder what that will be?!?

I’ll let you see the finished product on Monday.  

Good wishes for the remainder of the weekend!


  1. No. never had a special breakfast for Sat but I would make my kids a cooked breakfast of what ever they wanted each morning when they were young.

  2. Our children enjoyed pancakes on weekends as well, Nellie. Your salmon dinner sounds wonderful. We have been eating fish more and try to include salmon as it is a favorite.

  3. Oh, what a delicious spread you have there, Sister! Can you email me a few of anything you have left over? LOL When our children were still at home, they always enjoyed chocolate chip pancakes, as did their dad and I. In fact, after they had flown the coop, I'd still make chocolate chip pancakes for us! Now, since he's living in a nursing home, I simply order chocolate chip muffins, sweet rolls, or apple fritters from our local delivery place. I make my own coffee, and I'm still a "Maxwell Housewife!" Enjoy your Sunday lunch, and I'll look forward to hearing about your dessert when you post it on Monday. Love you!

  4. I used to have a special Saturday breakfast but no longer. How utterly delicious yours looks. Your Sunday lunch sounds marvellous too. Must try roasted grapes sometime, I recently started freezing them.

  5. Those scones would tempt me. I don't have any structures for Saturday morning breakfast but Sunday is usually eat out breakfast. We had stopped during Covid-19 but the restaurants are now opened with social distancing. We've been out twice.

    Hugs, Julia

  6. My daughter has created the Saturday-morning tradtion of making Dutch Babies with a home-made fruit sauce for when her grown children are home for the weekend. It started, I think, when the oldest went off to college. Everytime she came home for a weekend, on Saturday morning my daughter made her college-aged daughter her favorite breakfast = yep, Dutch Babies. So now, on Saturday mornings that I know one of the kids has come home for the weekend, I try to scoot over to my daughter's in time for breakfast and it is especially lovely to have the chance to hug a grandchild I haven't seen for awhile. (The blueberry breakfast cookies look so good, too!)