Thursday, September 18, 2014

Do you really want to know?

We are finally having some nice, cooler weather - a good lead-in to the official arrival of Autumn next Monday.

Some of you know about this already, so for you, feel free to skip over it if you wish.

On August 27, I underwent surgery for the removal of the cataract on my right eye.  All has gone well with it, and I continued ahead with the same procedure on the left eye on September 10.  For those of you who have had this experience, you know that it often brings about changes in your vision.  Such has been the case for me.

After several years of wearing bifocals, I find that they are no longer needed!  That has been a pleasure to discover.  In fact, my close-up vision also seems to have improved.  So - The Husband looked around through his supply of reading glasses (which he actually doesn't even need) and came up with some for me to use.

Well, they were not exactly suitable, so last Friday, when I went to Lake Junaluska, I headed to the gift shop.  Look what I found!

Aren't they wild?!?:-)  They are really "not me," but they are serving me very nicely until everything stabilizes with both my eyes in a few weeks.  

I have gone from the days of eight different drops in both my eyes down to only two drops now - one per eye!  There were week-long restrictions for each eye - no water in the eye, no makeup, eye patch at night, no heavy lifting - and, as of Wednesday, those restrictions have been lifted.  Progress is being made!

Now - if something could just be done about this sciatica.....:-)

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. I do love those glasses, and think that they are quite suitable for you! As for the sciatica, you have my most sincere sympathy. As you know, I have dealt with similar situations for many years, even including surgery, so I truly hope your situation will improve soon. Have a great day, Sister!!

  2. Love your fancy new reading glasses. I never had to have bifocals until this past Feb. I had 'Dollar General' reading glasses all over the house to wear. I still haven't gotten used to these new glasses --so am going back to the eye doctor the end of Oct. to make sure everything is okay with my eyes. My vision seems to be getting worse and worse. Kinda scary...

    Glad you have done so well with your two surgeries... Hope you can get some relief for your sciatica now.


  3. Those are jazzy glasses. Love them! That's wonderful news regarding your healing process for your surgeries. I hope you also find some relief for sciatica.

  4. Nellie, My computer isn't lettng me see your new glasses....but all the surgeries sound as if they were very good results. Wonderful. Sciatica is hard to out think when you are so in pain. I try to just make myself forget pain, but that's a tough one. I am praying you get some relief. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  5. I am so glad you can see so well. I like your new glasses!
    Isn't it so nice to have vision?
    I do hope your sciatica gets better soon.

  6. What wonderful news and may your progress continue .
    Your glasses is very lovely and just go with it and they will grow on you .
    Now for the best part , just think how many more gadgets you will see to buy . (giggling).
    Thanks for sharing ;-D

  7. Hubby opted for vision correction lenses with his cataract surgery and loves not having to wear glasses at all!

  8. I'm glad that your vision has improved and those glasses does look on the wild side but go ahead and have fun. I'm sure they fit your bubbly personality. Life is way to short to worry about little things. If it makes you see better, that's all you need.
    I love that necklace.


  9. So glad your surgery went well. Prayers that your eyes stabilize soon. I wear reading glasses all the time and I vary mine from "fun" ones like the ones you bought to more serious ones.

  10. Bravo Nellie!

    Good for you! I'm so glad things went well. I LOVE those glasses:)

    They may not have been you but they sure "feel" like you now, on to bigger and better shopping!!!

    Thanks for sharing, Nellie...

  11. Oh, how wonderful, Nellie! One of my aunts had this surgery a few years ago. It's amazing such things are possible and with such smooth recovery periods these days. :)

  12. I think those glasses look really cool. : )
    Glad to hear all is going well with your eyes. Amazing that your eyes are getting better.

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