Saturday, September 13, 2014

Still thinking pink....

Saturday is here!  Do you have some good plans for a relaxing week-end?

Continuing with the motivation to post pink on Saturday, here are some more to enjoy.  

Beginning preparations.

If there are glasses, there needs to be a pitcher!

More mugs needed for that hot tea!:-)

The mugs, from the left, are a Mother's Day gift, a souvenir from Emory and Henry, a Longaberger special, and the mug/pitcher set that came from a resale shop, as did the glasses.

The tray was a special sale purchase at Target this summer!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Thank you for sharing your lovely items with us. Have a Super Saturday, Sister!

  2. What fun pink cups. I love that they each have a memory attached to them-THAT is what makes them special! xo Diana

  3. Does your hubby ever feel overwhelmed with the pink? LOL!

  4. I especially like the pitcher and the mugs. I must find a way to introduce some pink into my house.


  5. Just lovely pink. I love that pitcher. I guess I have a thing for pitchers as I have so many of them.
    They look like you are all set for a nice tea party.
    I hope you haven't lifted any boxes.
    :) I hope you are having fun.

  6. Everything is pretty but the pitcher is really sweet. Enjoy your afternoon.

  7. Lovely picture.
    Now we should get together for a cup of tea!
    Enjoy your weekend, Nellie.

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