Saturday, September 27, 2014

"It's football time..... Tennessee!"  Those are the words that a previous sports announcer used to lead into the game that was soon to follow on radio.  We were loyal listeners, as we rarely attended any of the games.  Now, on the SEC Network, it's possible to watch games from just about any of the SEC stadiums.  Today we will be watching as Tennessee visits Georgia for this week's game.

That is not the only team in which we have an interest.

Emory and Henry, the blue and gold, will be playing today as well.  Actually, a number of years past, they played the University of Tennessee!  They didn't win, but caused so much annoyance to the UT team, that they were called "pesky little wasps," and that is where Emory and Henry came up with that nickname.  

We are ready here to ease into "football mode."  

Who can go wrong with M&M candies in school colors?:-)  That popcorn bowl will fill as well, and we will be ready for the kick-off.  Our cooler weather has almost disappeared, and the temperatures are heading upward now, so a cool pitcher of Almond Tea will be greatly enjoyed!

I hope the team  you support will win today!  

I've picked up extra followers!  Thank you for coming along!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate  your comments.


  1. I love all of your school colors and special items! As you know, your nephew is in a place where he cannot get UT "fun stuff" easily, so that makes our gift-giving easy for him! Have a great day, and GO VOLS and E & H!!!

  2. Hi Nellie, Looks like you are in for a fun time. Lots of cheering and treats. Hope your team wins. xoxo,Susie

  3. Sorry, nellie. I'm not a sport fan but you're ready for the celebrations. May your favorite team wins.

  4. College football... I'm a Nebraska fan. That's where my father's from. They've had a strange season thus far, though they've yet to lose. They get Illinois today.

  5. Looks like your all set there. Hope your team won.

  6. You have everything you need to enjoy Saturday football. The M&M's make me hungry!

  7. Since we live in Wisconsin, we're Badger backers all the way. I like college football - really better than pro football.