Saturday, August 3, 2013

In the garden....

Happy Saturday!  How is the week-end looking for you?

As I have mentioned on the blog recently, we have had excessive rain in our area.  That indicates lack of sunshine, and vegetable gardens need a good balance of both in order to develop nicely.  Here are some pictures that show how our garden is growing this summer.


Green beans!



Sweet potatoes!

White potatoes!


And - the crepe myrtle is finally beginning to bloom!

In the next day or so, you may see a feature of fresh green beans from this garden!:-)  I took these pictures before The Husband had repaired the cultivator and given it a workout in the garden!  I guess that means there will be some more recent pictures coming soon.:-)

Also, the first Tuesday of the month is coming up VERY soon!  That is the day for that lunch for the adult day care participants and staff of our church.  Not sure about the recipes this time around.  I guess it is time to make plans!

Thank you for reading!  I appreciate your comments!


  1. Nellie, You have avery nice weeds. :):) I would love to grow some sweet potatoes...they sound good to me. Enjoy your harvest.xoxo,Susie

  2. Hopefully, these past few days with no rain have helped your garden recover from all that wetness of July. Your garden looks quite healthy, although I know some of your crops are slow to produce because of all the rain. Hopefully, everything will catch up soon. Have a wonderful Saturday! Looking forward to that day care menu, as always! :-)

  3. Adoro los jardines un placer a la vista,hugs,hugs.

  4. Adoro los jardines un placer a la vista,hugs,hugs.

  5. I hope you get a basket full of green beans for supper soon. And some sunny days ;)

  6. Even with the lack of sun and too much rain it looks wonderful. Your potatoes and sweet potatoes look wonderful. I can't wait to see your fresh green beans.

  7. You should be getting some good home grown food out of your garden. Nothing like home grown veggies!!

  8. After seeing your garden I am pretty sure I should send you some weeds. Your plants are looking lonesome for company! xo Diana

  9. You have been so patient with your weather and your garden. Fresh vegetables are the best. Have a great week ahead!