Monday, August 12, 2013

Still more travels....

The week-end has come to a close, and a new week is beginning today.  I hope you are set for a good week!

For the past several days I have been posting about our experiences while at More Than A Vacation at Emory and Henry.  I have mentioned that our "FL" (Fearless Leader) kept us very busy!  Of course, she was very busy, too, because she was right along with us on all our jaunts, often having to drive her own vehicle to be the lead, or to stay behind to do the closing down of whatever we had done.

On Saturday, we were out once again "on the road."

This is the window from the outside....

....and this is the same window from the inside.

 We visited Konnarock where the Konnarock Lutheran Training School was located.  The school was founded in the twenties to give girls a place to receive a good education.  Iron Mountain Boys School and Health Centers were established throughout the mountains with the mission to teach, to preach, and to heal.  By the late fifties, roads had greatly improved and public schools were more accessible for students, and the doors were closed at Konnarock Training School.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Landmarks, as well as the Virginia Landmarks Register in 1997, restoration efforts have been underway.  The above pictures show some progress that has been made in the chapel area.

Dishes used when the Training School was in operation.

Some detail showing the construction of the building.

The effort underway is to restore the building so it will become Konnarock Retreat House, with overnight accommodations for up to thirty guests along with dining facilities, meeting rooms, a library/archives, and a chapel.  It is hoped that ecumenical religious groups non-profic organizations, and educational institutions will  be able to rent the facility for retreat and study.  Individuals will also be welcomed as guests.

This was only the beginning of our travels on that first Saturday in August.  To include everything about that day into this one post would make it too long, so there is still more to come!

As for THIS past week-end, I was on the road once again on Saturday as I made an hour and fifteen minute trip to a nearby town for a UMW Social Action Workshop.  The return trip lengthened to TWO hours due to heavy rainfall for much of the drive, plus an Interstate accident that had temporarily closed one of the lanes.  Of course, it was in the lane going in the direction I was driving!  I was very grateful to drive into the garage safely! 

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. I think it's wonderful that this place is being restored, rather than being destroyed. Those stained glass windows are gorgeous!!! Hopefully, it will become a beloved place of retreat for many groups once it's completed. Have an enjoyable Monday! :-)

  2. Gorgeous window! I love when they restore the old places and give them new life and purpose!

  3. I love all the older buildings unfortunately our city has tore down Oneb or two of those in the last year, sounds like you're keeping busy! enjoy your week

  4. How wonderful that they are doing all that restoration work. You have certainly been on the go and I bet you are ready to wind down for a while. Hope you had a wonderful day, Nellie- xo Diana

  5. Nellie I am so sorry I missed all of this. Son and I have been busier than normal but all is still OK. xo