Friday, August 23, 2013

May I suggest....

a book for you?  This is a very special one.

Isn't it lovely?

In May 2012, Susan Branch and her Joe sailed on the Queen Mary 2 for England where they spent several weeks visiting amazing places!  This book is the dairy she kept of the journey.  It is written in her very own handwriting, with her very own photographs and water color illustrations! 

The Husband and I are reading this book together, and we are quite motivated to hop on a boat ourselves for the same crossing!:-)

I refer you to the website - - for you to explore the opportunities available to do your own shopping!  I was one of the many who placed a preorder weeks ago, and those of us who ordered were fortunate to receive our copies before they were available in book stores. 

Susan and Joe are now on a New England tour for book signings, and will soon be crossing the United States for other book signings!  Of course, I would LOVE for her to come here, though I doubt this area will be on the list.:-(

There are other things I am reading these days, but this one has taken precedence at this point.  It is my belief that it would be greatly worth your while to have a copy for yourself.:-)

This is Friday.  Have you had a good week?  Do you have some good plans for the days ahead?   I hope you will be able to do something you enjoy.  Take care, and have a good day.

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. I will have to keep this book in mind. Have a wonderful weekend :)

  2. I'm sure this would be a great read, and I'll have to keep it in mind as well. The week has been good, with much accomplished, and the coming days will be busy, so I'm trying to plan my strategy to include some rest between projects. Have a great day! :-)

  3. I have thought the same thing, it would be a dream of a lifetime to go by boat then to take that lovely walking tour. I am looking forward to buying that book. I kept up on her blog as she posted and traveled and I knew then it would be something to put on my bucket list. I do hope that you are your husband could do something like that. I hope she comes to a place close enough for you to go to a book signing. That would be so nice for you.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Hi Nellie , It would be wonderful if there were a book signing here at Barnes & Noble ... wishful thinking , buying the book . Tahnks for sharing :).

  5. Hi Nellie, it would be nice to attend the book signing. I hope that it happens for you. If not now, maybe later.

  6. Nellie, i am dying to get my hands on one of Susan's books. She is a very talented person. She makes everyone feel at home. Glad you are reading it with your husband. xoxo,Susie

  7. I've never read anything by her, but have heard lots about her from lots of bloggers. I guess I'll have to change that.

  8. Hi Nellie...Oh, I'd LOVE to read that new book of Susan's. I have so many of hers....almost a whole shelf in my home library. Hope I can get it one day.

    Thanks so much for all your sweet visits to my blog. It makes me happy that you stop by to read my posts. Susan

  9. Hello Nellie,
    So pleased you have Susan's book and enjoying reading it. I'm looking forward to receiving one in the mail soon. I was able to order through The Book Depository, an English company and they send it to Australia, postage free!
    It's Saturday night here and quite cold. We have had a lot of rain recently and looking forward to Spring.
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.
    Betty OX

  10. Thank you for the recommendation. The writer's name sounds so familiar to me...
    How nice that you and your husband are reading a book together.

  11. Hello, Nellie: I just found you from your comment on Erin Gill's recent post about visiting Martha's Vineyard and meeting Susan Branch. I, too, am a 'girlfriend,' having had the good fortune to meet Susan in 2000 at a book signing in Pennsylvania (I was passing through on vacation, and HAD to take a detour!) She was so charming and attentive, and from comments I've read from this tour, she hasn't changed one bit! If you can possibly get to a signing, I highly recommend it. I'm wishfully hoping she might come to the Gulf Coast next year, after the holidays. It's simply amazing that 'our' book is going into 3rd printing already! It's such a delightful book.

    Anyway, it's nice to 'meet' you ... I'll be checking in with you often, now that I've found you :-)

    Sharon in Alabama