Tuesday, August 6, 2013

More treasures....

I began a series of posts about the Emory and Henry Alumni Summer College event on Monday.  More Than A Vacation had "Hidden Treasures" as the theme.

A treasure hunt!

Our "FL" had planned a treasure hunt for us!  The Husband and I never did locate all the "treasure chests," but we had a great time searching!

This was the 20th anniversary for MTAV, and we were given this extra treat:


Memories of the past 20 years.....

...and the music to accompany those memories!

I am happy to say, though we arrived with some showers in the area, there was no rain at all while we were there!

This is the First Tuesday, the day I take care of lunch for the adult day care program at our church.  I hope you are not expecting any special recipes this time around.  As I knew Monday would be the first day returning from our time away, I made plans to pick up lunch items prepared by other people.:-)  Sub sandwiches, chips, fresh fruit, and brownies are on the menu.  I did bake the brownies, but they are from a mix.  

Of course, while we were gone, things in the garden continued to grow.  We have enjoyed some green beans, our first from the garden this season!   I am a bit disappointed in the blueberries.  They are not very flavorful, nor are they very tender.  I'm sure the weather has had a huge impact in their quality.

There is still more I will be sharing with you about MTAV; however, I will take time tomorrow for a recipe for something using our berry harvest.

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Your "FL" seems to have done a great job of finding ways to entertain you on the MRAV days! How wonderful that the weather was nice enough to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and activities that were there for you! Sorry some of your crops have been disappointing...these types of things are what makes our farmers' lives so complicated, and there's really nothing they can do about the weather. I'm sure you have a yummy treat to share with us, and I always look forward to your recipes! Have a wonderful day!

  2. How fun, Nellie. I am glad that you were able to just pick food up for today...that would have been a huge rush job to take care of by yourself. Can't wait to see more and I am so glad that the rain held off while you were there- xo Diana

  3. It looks wonderful. I had to laugh about you fixing brownies from a mix. I normally never make brownies from a mix but I always say the same thing when I have, it is from a mix. I think my brownies from a mix flop more often than my scratch brownies do. Do you ever have that trouble. It looks like you have had a nice weekend.
    Our fruit was different this year, I think ours was due to the heat and the lack of rain. We really didn't have spring.
    Have a wonderful day today.

  4. what fun nellie! glad the rain missed the event.

  5. A big pot of green beans and some cornbread sounds mighty good!

  6. Sounds like more fun!

    Food sounds good to me, even if the brownies came from a mix. : )

  7. Oh Nellie. Made me smile to see those songs. memories for ME too. xo

  8. It's me, Katie Isabella's mom. xo

  9. Hi Nellie...Glad you got away to something fun!

    No, Honey Cat has never been bathed in the sink. The behavior is a little bizarre. Wish I had a clue why she was doing it.

    Thanks for your visits. Susan

  10. It sounds like the event was well organized and fun.

    I always make my brownies from scratch and I use cocoa because I can't have regular chocolate that contains soy lecithin in my recipes.

    I think that you have been so busy that you need a little vacation.

    Take care,
    hugs, JB

  11. Sounds good to me Nellie. Your bounty sounds real good too. I have heard the same about blueberries by us also. But, I must say I have been very happy with those I got from the local farm stand. I really need to plant some blueberry bushes, lol...

    BTW, I LOVE brownies from a mix! And, it's Brownies for Brunch Month in August!

    Thanks for sharing, Nellie...

  12. Nellie, Glad it didn't rain on your fun time. I remember some of those things on the list and some of those old songs. You are so nice to help with the food.xoxo,Susie