Saturday, August 31, 2013

The garden in August....

The week-end is here!  Are your plans going as you had hoped?

This is not the year that our garden has gone the way we would have hoped.  First, we were later than ever planting due to wet conditions from all the rain.  Then, with such cloudy conditions, that meant a decrease in sunshine.  However, we have had some successes.

We didn't even PLAN this one!

An avocado seed that was in our compost sprouted!  The Husband transplanted it into this pot.  Have any of you had any success with growing an avocado?  We certainly plan to move this pot inside at the first HINT of cooler weather!  This will be one of our "experiments."

Sweet potato vines.

The Sweet Potatoes seem to be doing very well, as has been customary for us here.  I am anxiously awaiting when it will be time to harvest them.

A cantaloupe!

This cantaloupe should be completely ripe in just a few days!

Can hardly wait for this one!

 It is a real mystery how this watermelon has developed!  While there were lots of blooms on other vines, there have been NO watermelons!

There is some corn, though there have been some "guests" who have believed we planted the corn for THEM!  It could be the crows, though I think the raccoons have found their feast!

There were some lovely acorn squash, but we have discovered worms in each one.:-(

Have you had a vegetable garden this year?  Has it been successful for you?

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Well, you know that we do not have a garden spot at our apartment, and I am always awed by the success that you have in your garden! That avocado should be a great experiment, and I'm sure you will enjoy all the other successes, in spite of the rainy weather. How gracious of you to feed the raccoons all that yummy corn, too---HA!! Have a lovely day! :-)

  2. I bet that cantaloupe is going to be amazing. Have a happy weekend :)

  3. Hi Nellie,
    Well you know my garden was a total bust. Thank goodness for the fruit trees or I might just throw in the towel. Your garden looks lovely even with the rain. I can grow in a normal year, nice cantaloupes but never a watermelon so I am impressed.
    I like your little avocado plant. They don't like cold at all.
    We grew one from seed at our other house and it grew to be a giant tree. I was sorry to have to leave it.
    I hope your tree grows really big.
    Have a lovely weekend

  4. No garden here, I don't invite disappointment, there's enough of that without my help. LOL!

    My Dad was a pretty good gardener. Funny story... the first time he tried to grow watermelons, having never planted them before, he put out 200 plants. OH.MY.GOSH... watermelons out the wazoo!!! Thank goodness they were the midget variety!

  5. Hi Nellie , your garden looks good despite your extra dinner guests. It make you feel good to see the efforts of your labors . It will be canning time soon and then my work began . Thanks for sharing :).

  6. Your garden goodies look terrific and I would be over for watermelon if I lived closer. Have a good weekend!

  7. At least, you got some success with your garden. I didn't planted any this year for the first time.
    I normally have a very nice garden with lots of produce
    but it's a lot of hard work.
    Last year the raccoons ate my watermelons on the day they were ripe. They chewed on everyone of them., the rascals.
    I always say better luck next year.


  8. Nellie, You grew some nice things. I like the melons. Kepp us posted on your avacado.:):) Hope you are enjoying having a nice long weekend. xoxo,Susie

  9. You really did do very well considering all your weather. No garden for us this year. The farmer's market has extra visitors from our house this year.

  10. Your garden looks pretty good to me. We had the same problem with the wet Spring. But, I just do flowers - have not had good luck with vegetables.