Thursday, September 5, 2013

A "first" - or two....

Happy Thursday to you!  Is this week passing more quickly since Monday was a holiday? 

We actually took a week-end trip!  We went to visit City Girl!  On the way, we made a stop to meet, for the first time, Betsy (blogging friend at Joyful Reflections) and her husband.  The Husband and I enjoyed some time with this.
Are you able to determine who is winning?  I must admit that the black checkers are mine.:-( 

Another "first" was an outing to this location.

Have you heard of this place?

When we arrived - at 11:15 on Saturday morning - we were told there was a wait of one hour and 45 minutes for seating!  Of course, we waited.:-)  We didn't want to miss an opportunity to eat there!

While the time passed, we explored some other buildings on the property.

Gifts for children and pets.

Gift shop!

Venue used for special events.

jeni's Ice Cream truck was providing complimentary scoops of ice cream!

I will say that it was well worth the wait.:-)

Loveless Cafe is known for their biscuits.

I am sorry that we were so ready to eat that I neglected to take pictures of our entrees, but we were all really pleased.  In fact, there were leftovers to take with us!  We said goodbye to this place....

The Cafe

....but we were happy to bring this home with us.

Oh, my! Did she do more shopping?

Yes! Isn't it cheerful?

Have you  been to Loveless Cafe?  It is located outside Nashville, so if you are ever in the area, I would recommend a trip! 

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. How fun, nope never heard of it. The biscuits look divine though and so does that cute little coffee cup. What a nice trip. It is a cute little town.

  2. Thanks for sharing your dinning experience. I've never been to Nashville but my sister has.

    I love that big coffee mug. The biscuits looks very appetizing. You have given me the wants for biscuits so I better get going if I want some for lunch with my homemade chicken soup.


  3. No, I've never even heard of it.

    Black as a good chance of winning with that king.

    So you met Betsy and George. How nice. They are both blogging friends of mine too. : )

  4. omg...i love the loveless cafe and their biscuits are to die for. i came home from their and made about 2000 biscuits over a couple month period trying to duplicate them. i got really really close but not quite the same.

  5. Those biscuits look amazing. I was looking through the magazine you sent and I love it. I love the section about the 25 most pressing questions :)

  6. Yes, I have heard of the place, but have never been there, and I'm not sure whether we would have waited that long to be seated! I'm happy that it was worth the wait, and it appears that there were lots of places to while away the minutes till you could eat. I guess it would be a good idea to have a snack before going to lunch! That sorghum reminds me of our dad, who loved it on biscuits or in his oatmeal. It's great that you were able to spend some time with City Girl, and I'm sure she enjoyed the visit as well. Have a great afternoon! :-)

  7. Hi Nellie, those biscuits alone was worth the wait , sorghum syrup is a must in my neck of the woods . Dear Nellie , next time you visit , take a look at my side bar , I have your latest post there , so sweetie you can see I am keeping up with you and looking for more friends , thanks for sharing :)

  8. Nope- never heard of Loveless Cafe but it sure looks like a fun place to eat! Hope you are having a great week- xo Diana

  9. You met up with Betsy & George... that just might be better than biscuits!

  10. Hi Nellie...Never been to the Loveless Cafe and have never been to Nashville!

    But the biscuits look yummy.

    So glad you got to have a little excursion! Fun fun fun! Susan

  11. would LOVE to try Jenni's icecream!!!!