Tuesday, September 17, 2013

....and then there was Monday

So - how was your Monday?  Is your week off to a good beginning?

We enjoyed an outing with a group from our church on Monday.  Not being scientifically inclined, it is difficult for me to adequately explain everything we heard about this.

Only one building of several in the Center.

The Proton Therapy Center will open to begin treating cancer patients in January of 2014.  Beginning with prostate cancer patients, future growth will include treatment of lung cancer, breast cancer, and others.  There are a few other such centers across the US.

After our tour here, of course it was time to eat!:-) 

Do you have a Cheddar's near you?

This was the second time for me to eat at this one, and I definitely recommend the Fish Tacos!:-)  While we ate inside, there was this area also available.

Do you see the waterfall in the background?

Other developments on Monday had to do with this:

Do you remember the final picture of Monday's posting?  Well, this carton is packed now with the unsold materials from the week-end UMW event, and it is ready to return!   I'll take care of that later today.

That's all for now.  I hope you have a good Tuesday!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Fish tacos are not something I ever dreamed I would like and then I tasted them. They are so yummy, I would visit that place for them.
    You are a fast worker Nellie, already having that box packed.
    I hope you have a great Tuesday.

  2. That Proton Therapy Centre sounds so promising for cancer patients.
    I've never tasted fish tacos but I love fish and I love tacos. I'll have to look it up online to find a recipe.

    I bet that it will be nice to have that box sent and out of your way.
    Have a great day.

  3. i never even heard of cheddars but my husband sure loves fish tacos!

  4. Nellie, We need specialty care places for cancer patients. That looked like a nice place to have lunch. I have never tried fish tacos...I'll have too. xoxo,Susie

  5. That center does really sound promising for those who need some good results with cancer treatments. I learned a lot about it by going online, and it really sounds like a better way of handling those treatments. I have eaten at Cheddar's, too, but didn't get the fish tacos, since there were so many other yummy things to tempt me! I'll have to give them a try one of these days. Have a wonderful afternoon, and I hope you're able to get rid of that box quickly! :-)

  6. I love Cheddars. Unfortunately all of the Cheddars in this area have closed for some reason. My favorite was always the chicken tenders and the broccoli cheese casserole.

  7. Hi Nellie , we need more cancer care places in every state and hopefully this is the start of many more . I love fish tacos and now you know what my family will have this weekend . Thanks for sharing:).

  8. I feel cheated. Our Cheddar's doesn't have a waterfall!

  9. No, we don't have Cheddar's...that I know of. I need to be on the lookout.

  10. Nellie thank you stopping by my blog , I will be out for the next few weeks , but my partner will be there , see you when I get back .

  11. Oh I have never tried nor heard of a fish toco sounds delicious. B

  12. Glad you are getting all of your books sent back. Big Job I'm sure...

    We've eaten at Cheddar's several times --in Cookeville and Hendersonville. I like it--but haven't tried the fish tacos yet...

    Didn't know your friend, Kate, but prayers for her and the family.


  13. It is so wonderful that medicine is advancing on the fight against cancer!

    I like fish tacos! I don't think there is a Cheddars here--I'll be on the lookout!

  14. Yum. Cheddars. My good friend Beth told me about them.