Sunday, January 15, 2012

Food for the Soul....

Books from each category on the UMW Reading List

Oops! A bit out of focus with the UMW Program Book and Prayer Calendar.

Church activities fill much of my time, especially participating in the United Methodist Women.  I have served as an officer in both my local church and the District.  It was because of my love of books and reading that the first district office I served (two terms) was as Secretary of Program Resources.  There are five categories from which books are to be chosen if participating in the reading program - 
Education for Mission, Spiritual Growth, Social Action, Supportive Community, and Leadership.  In addition, we are to read Response, the UMW magazine.  

The first picture shows books that I will read during this year.  Hopefully I will read two or three times this many for the reading program.  While I purchased the initial five books for myself, our church is blessed to be able to have a budget item allowing for purchasing many of the books on the reading program, so I will be able to readily find others to complete my reading goals.

The second picture shows the program book - Walk With Wholeness - and the Prayer Calendar for 2012.  Each of these is new for each year.  Walk With Wholeness is filled with program ideas for UMW meetings throughout the year.  The Prayer Calendar emphasizes a different mission focus each day, as well as mentioning the missionaries with birthdays on that given day.  

Currently, I am serving both my local Unit, plus the District, as Co-ordinator for Spiritual Growth.  One special emphasis which I mention at this time of year is the Call to Prayer and Self-Denial.  Prayer and giving have long been vital to women's organizations in the church.  One way that United Methodist Women members combine prayer and giving is during the time of Call to Prayer and Self-Denial.  This year's theme - Time for Change:  Technology - actually indicates what our special offering will support this year.  Access to information technology will be improved, and projects such as computer literacy, information technology training, English as a second language classes, and career enhancement and job-seeking skills will be supported.

It is also my responsibility to plan our District Day Apart, to be held this year on March 10.  I will probably be mentioning that again in future posts.

So - just communicating that there are other things that I enjoy besides cooking and eating, lest you think I spend all my time in the kitchen.:-)

Next - Did I hear someone just say, "Chocolate?"

Thank you for reading and commenting!  Have a blessed day!


  1. Sounds like you are staying very busy!

    You certainly deserve some chocolate... a little treat for all that you do.

    Thanks for your sweet comment. I am glad that everyone is ok!

  2. Nellie, when you talk about the Call to Prayer and Self-Denial, do you mean Lent? Or is it some other time for your church group?

    Yes, I did think you spent much time in the kitchen; but so do I! :D

    1. Call to Prayer and Self-Denial is a different emphasis for the UMW. We encourage Units to observe this during the first quarter of the year. Lent is, of course, 40 days preceding Easter and may coincide a bit with the UMW emphasis, but that wouldn't be the same every year. Our church-wide Lenten observation is separate.
      Thank you for commenting!

  3. Oh really are a busy lady.....busy in a good way! What a blessing you are to your church & your church family. I can't wait to hear about the "chocolate"!

    Pray you are having a blessed day!

  4. I agree with the other comments. You have found many ways to keep from become bored with retirement!!, what can that be? Enjoying your daily posts always! You are going to have a very busy March, for sure!!