Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Friend....or foe?

You "speak" to me every morning.

I get nowhere fast with you.

There are those of you who are following this blog who know that I am a Lifetime Weight Watcher.  I am celebrating four years of being at goal weight!   I have had many helps along the way, and these two pictures illustrate some of those helpers.

I have found it very beneficial to weigh myself every morning.  This may not be exactly what is suggested; however, it is the way I measure how I am progressing.  So, the top picture is definitely one of a "friend."

The recumbent bike at the Fitness Center has become part of my life.  A mere half-hour with this "friend," and I will cover over seven miles and account for 150 calories!:-)  Why does it seem so difficult to get there more often than two or three times a week?  Surely this bike is not a "foe!"

Coming up soon will be a series of recipes that have been helpful as I have continued this lifelong journey of weight maintenance.  Not tomorrow, though!  Be ready for Blue Ribbon Biscuits!

Thank you for reading.  I love your comments.


  1. Good for you!!! I'm working harder at squeezing in exercise this year. I'd rather craft after a long day at work, but I need to make exercise a regular routine. Hugs!

  2. way to go! can't wait to see the recipes!

  3. Right now my scale and I are on friendly terms. However, HE can turn into a troll anytime. That's why I am keeping my eye on him. Congrats on your 4 years. That is admirable! xo Diana

  4. You know how proud I have been of your progress, and I continue to be amazed by your perseverance. You have SO much more will power than I have ever had, and it is paying off for you with great dividends of health and energy! Keep up the great work with your "friends!" Looking forward to that special biscuit recipe, too! :-)

  5. I can hardly wait for your blue ribbon biscuits. They sound delicious! Thanks Nellie for coming to my blog and commenting. You are so thoughtful and I appreciate it more than you know. I just signed up to follow you now. I am SO impressed with your weight maintenance. Wouldn't it just be wonderful if we could eat what we wanted in any amount, and when we want it without always worrying about the stupid lbs and ounces. It has been the bain of my life!! You have a wonderful blog here and I can see some past posts that I want to read. I just went to see your extended profile page and see that you are from Tennessee. It is such a beautiful state. We just loved visiting there. Thanks again Nellie. It is so fun meeting you!!

    Your new Blogger friend,