Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's in the Cards....

A "find" while exploring a local antique store.  

Five full tables for bridge this week at the Senior Center.

An activity I enjoy is playing bridge.  There are times when I will entertain here, having two tables of friends who enjoy bridge as well.  At those times, I am pleased to use the Van Gogh set of cards/score pad for one of the tables.  I really Van Gogh's painting, "Starry Night."

There are times when we will have as many as six full tables at the Senior Center where I go once a week to play bridge.  A player's goal is to move from a higher numbered table to the next lower numbered one; that is, from Table #6 to Table #5, from Table #5 to Table #4, etc.  In these instances,
the winning pair is the one that moves, and the losing pair remains.  Table #1 is the top table, and
that's where everyone wants to finish.:-)  I am usually running in a bit later than most of the others, so Table #1 has already been taken.  The losers from that table (after four hands) will move to the last table, this week Table #5, where I happened to begin play this week.  Well, at the conclusion of play,
I was STILL at Table #5 - the only original player at that table.  That means my cards were not very good - or I didn't play the ones I had well.:-(  

One week, I happened to arrive early enough to take a place at Table #1, and at the conclusion of play, I was still at Table #1, the only original player at that table!  The cards were friendly to me that day!  

There are two other groups with whom I play - one called "First Friday" and one called "Second Friday."  Our church has provided a room where we are able to play.  I enjoy playing in that atmosphere.

So - is it "in the cards" for you to enjoy food and eating and still be in control of your weight?  I will begin a series of some recipes tomorrow that will show you that is possible!  Starting off - Comfort Food!  See you then!

Thank you for reading and commenting!


  1. Well, I'll have to take your word for the bridge scene, since I barely remember how to play Old Maid!! :-)

    Looking forward to some healthy comfort food that I'm sure will be delicious!

  2. Oh Nellie, I've never played Bridge..however I do love to play cards. But Tom...not so much:( I think it's good for the mind...don't you?? I'm sure you are a very good player...but I know also that you do have to get the cards to win!

    Blessings and good night...

  3. I wish I knew how to play Bridge. I have wanted to learn for years. I suppose I should just ask someone for lessons...maybe that will be on my "learn to do" list this year! xo Diana