Saturday, January 21, 2012

The right steps....

Fruits and vegetables of a deep hue.

Low-fat dairy and whole grains.     


The Man of the House and I have been taking a "whirl" with some ballroom dance classes.  Boy!  Is it ever important to take the right steps there!

Just as dancing requires the right steps, so does participating in a weight management program.

When wishing to obtain a lower weight on the scale, we often must change our eating habits.  That will most likely involve changing how we shop at the grocery store.  That means making healthier choices.  Colorful fruits and vegetables will give us important nutrients, and the WW plan encourages us to eat at least five servings daily.  The squash in the top picture came from our vegetable garden this past fall, and the blueberries are from last summer's harvest, frozen for enjoyment through the winter months.

Be sure to include the appropriate dairy servings for your age/circumstance.  At my "magic age," I need three servings of dairy a day.  Also, focus on whole grains such as oatmeal and 100% whole wheat pasta.  I am a fan of Fage 0% Greek yogurt.  The Cabot's cheese block is 75% reduced fat, and the Babybel is light.  There are other whole grains, of course, and we choose them whenever possible. Brown rice, grits, barley, bulgur, and polenta are only a few I will mention.

Items above are displayed on a tray of Susan Branch design!  I am a real fan of anything she designs!

Not illustrated in today's post are the bottles of olive oil and canola oil that are staples at our house. 

I send along wishes for a good week-end to all of you.  Some of you may have snow.  I hope you will be able to enjoy it, and that it will not pose any real problems for you.

In the meantime, anybody care for a waltz?:-)

Thank you for reading.  I love your comments.


  1. Some very good advice here! I actually bought some strawberries today, and even though they're out of season here, they are delicious and full of anti-oxidants! Also bought a small package of dark chocolate covered almonds...not your usual diet fare, but still good for us, and the package will last me for several servings, although it says that one package is a serving. I just LOVE things that are delicious and nutritious at the same time!! Thank you again for sharing some of your tips with us!

  2. Jeepers- I just lost my comment. I hate when that happens. I SAID-
    That is good advice you have posted here. If we are trying to cut down on calories,etc, and don't eat properly it leads to that "oh what the heck anyway" type of binges.

    We do have snow here and it is VERY cold. I think we are close to zero again tonight.

    I see that you like Susan Branch, too. You do know she has a blog? It is fun following her. She gets a kazillion comments every time she posts.

    I have tried to get your blog to post on my Beautiful Bloggers sidebar but it won't take it (or any of my newer blogs) for some reason. Hopefully, that will be fixed soon.

    Have a great weekend-xo Diana

  3. It all looks so good. I like the ball room dancing idea.