Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Taking position atop the mantle for the winter snow. (What?)

Joining my friend on the other end of the mantle.:-)

Snowman friends waiting for that winter cup of tea.  Are there plans to fill the popcorn bowl?

Snow.  That's what many of us anticipate with the coming of winter.  In this area, however, snowflakes seem to be few and far between.  

When I was teaching, one of the first crafts for us to finish when we resumed school in January, would be lots and lots of paper snowflakes for room decoration.  Many winters, those were the only snowflakes we would see.

In our area of East Tennessee, in the valley of the Smoky Mountains, a snowman-building snowfall is not a common occurrence, so our "snow" comes in the form of the decor that has replaced the red and green of Christmas.

Some of you who are reading may live in areas that never see snow, and you may not miss it at all.  Others may live in areas that may depend on snow for part of your livelihood in the winter months.  Some of you may live where you are having the expected snowfall of the winter season, though I imagine those locations are few this particular winter, from what we keep hearing on the news.

At our place, the weather has allowed us to enjoy the growth of the fall planting in the garden on into this month.  For that we are thankful - but - it surely would be neat to see some snow!

What about where you are?  Has this winter been "normal" for you?

Thank you to those of you who are following.  I love reading your comments.

Tomorrow - Just a recipe....


  1. Well, since I'm just a little less than an hour from you, even though I'm closer to the Smokies, our weather has been warmer than usual as well. I have never been wild about the fluffy white stuff, although we had many experiences with it when the children were younger. Now, our son is in New Mexico, where they have spent today in the town of Sipapu on a skiing trip with the three boys. They have already had a few days of snow in Albuquerque, but had to drive several miles toward Santa Fe to find enough snow for that activity. Our daughter, on the other hand, is in Georgia, wishing for snow. I suspect that we might all get some before long, when we least expect it! Meanwhile, I'll just enjoy the few little snowmen that we have sitting around the apartment! At least retirement gives us the privilege of staying off the roads in inclement weather! :-)

  2. It's been unseasonable warm in West MI. I posted pictures today of our unusual landscape for this time of the year. A major winter storm is suppose to arrive on Thursday. We're ready for winter and lots of sledding. It's time. Love your snowmen collection.

  3. Nellie... Hello! I love this post...don't we all love 'snowmen'? That is what we have too..and no *snow* on our ground..sad... (sort of) but we are to have much colder temps tomorrow with a possiblity of snow. So we shall see. Can't wait to see what recipe you have in store for us.

    xoxo Gert

  4. I like your snow men. Well being in California we had snow 15 years ago. :)
    This year we have had no rain. Which is scary and January has been more like April.
    Topsy Turvy year.
    You live all across the US from me, you live in a beautiful area.

  5. Nellie, after the terrors of last winter, I am not sorry we haven't had snow yet. And I never thought I would say such a thing, because it's so pretty, and falling snow outside the window gives such a peaceful atmosphere inside. But! I don't care to see it this year
    AT ALL. :)