Sunday, January 8, 2012

The January table....

My favorite for January - blue and white
Something about blue and white that seems perfect to me for January.
After we clear away the red and green of Christmas, I like to focus on blue and white.  It just seems to be appropriate for January and the wintry weather we think will arrive.  The top picture is from our kitchen table.  I am particularly pleased with the napkins in that picture since I found them at a church bazaar in another town!  If you are able to see the larger glass sitting at this table setting, it is one that belonged to my grandmother, and I am pleased to be able to enjoy it.

The other table setting is from the dining room.  The teapot is ready to be poured!:-)  The blue coasters have a white snowflake embroidered on them and were a gift from one of our daughters.  The dinner plate was a great "find" at a local craft/antique store at a wonderful price! 

The china is Wedgewood Strawberry and Vine, and the crystal in the second picture is Lady Anne by Gorham.

We are still waiting for that wintry weather I mentioned earlier.  Our weather thus far has been very mild, with the exception of a couple of very cold nights a week ago. 

Tomorrow - Chicken!


  1. Your tables always look festive and inviting! I especially love them when they have food sitting on them! :-) Very attractive place settings, and interesting information about the history of the pieces.

  2. Very pretty, Nellie! Isn't it fun to have things that belonged to your grandparents? I love blue and white this time of year, too...and silver! xo Diana

  3. Very pretty settings. I love that blue teapot. I have just started looking at teapots and bought a couple online.
    Have a great week:)

  4. What gorgeous table settings. Very special too. We're having the mildest weather on record too. I'm just waiting for the big storm to finally hit. The girls are ready for it too!

  5. Very pretty, Nellie - both tables. How nice for you that you have a dining room!