Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Typos, proofreading, and projects underway....

Happy Wednesday to you!  Hopefully the week is going well for you.

It was late in the day yesterday when I realized I had a typo in my blog title.  The word "sight" had been misspelled.  Because the proofreading for yesterday's post was not done thoroughly, it was posted with that error.  I just want you to know that I do know better!:-)

One of last week's post told of a recent visit with the Country Couple.  You may remember this which was on the blog shortly after Christmas.

A gift from the Country Couple to The Husband.

A design that was in progress when we visited the Country Couple.

This was the gift from the Country Couple to the Husband.

When we visited last week, this project was underway.

Another gift for someone.

I don't think I've "let the cat out of the bag" on this one, for I'm sure the recipient of this one doesn't follow this blog.:-)

Now - next in order is to proofread!:-)

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments. 


  1. Being on Facebook has caused me to be less careful about proofreading, I'm afraid! I'm constantly amazed by the illiteracy of people who SHOULD know better!! Words like "their," "they're," and "there" are so often abused that it's not funny!! That new project looks lovely, and I'm sure the recipient will be thrilled! At least I know it's not me! HA!! Have a lovely day, Sister!

  2. I don't always proofread as I'm in a rush but often I push Publish as I see a typo but it's too late. A lot of people don't even notice it.

    Nice project. A first glance I thought it was a real quilt. Great painting job.

  3. One of my last jobs when I was working at the AFB was to proof and correct officer performance reports. I do try and proof my blog before I post it but many times I miss something. You are not alone with this Nellie!

  4. Nellie, You do fine. I have even proof read my blog and turn around and find an error after I have hit publish.:):)I have learned to bring it back up and change things now...about a ten step project for me, being computer stupid. I love seeing those quilt patterns on barns. xoxo,Susie

  5. BOY oh BOY, I make mistakes all the time, not to worry, lol, most people could care less, beautiful quilts,

  6. I proof read but sometimes one gets past me.
    The quilt patterns are really pretty.

  7. Don't ever worry about typos...we all do it.

    These quilts are works of art.

  8. Hi Nellie , the quilts are just gorgeous , I had to laugh about the proofreading , had to take a look , I was here yesterday and never notice ;-D Nellie ,not to worry , that's the teacher part of you . Thanks for sharing :)

  9. I don't know about you, but sometimes even trying to proofread my own type is very difficult... because I know what I meant to say and my brain reads it that way. One of my biggest typos was typed on a photo and it had been out for a while before my granddaughter saw it and immediately pointed it out. I was so embarrassed! I typo on comments ALL THE TIME. Annoys the snot out of me. Doesn't bother me when other do it. LOL!

    Love the barn quilts. Only found out about those through blogging and I love it!

  10. Happy First Day of Spring, Nellie!

    I try to proof read too but like others, I often miss some typos. I have more of a problem with punctuation. I wish I had listened to my English teacher when I was in school, lol...Lovely quilts Nellie...Thanks for sharing...

  11. How lovely. What fantastic quilts. What a beautiful job on all of it.