Friday, March 7, 2014

For a new month....

Happy Friday!  The week-end is upon us!  I hope you have some good plans.  I don't believe there is a massive storm system crossing the country this week-end.

A new month brings along new books to feature.

One of my favorites for this month!

One of Paul Johnson's marvelous illustrations.

Another one! Isn't it beautiful?

On the last page.
The story that Margaret Hodges has written would almost make one begin looking for that leprechaun!  Or - searching for whatever might be found at the end of the rainbow!

I hope you have sunny skies and warm days where you are this week-end.

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Good morning! That looks like a most enchanting book, and I love those illustrations! As for the weather, you know that we're supposed to get a few showers today here. So far, I have seen no rain, but the sky is not very bright at this time. That's ok, though....we are most fortunate compared to the folks to the southeast of us! Have a fantastic Friday, Sister!

  2. Good Morning! What a lovely book you have shared this morning. Georgia has had a lot of rain but the weekend looks promising. Wishing you a nice weekend.

  3. What lovely illustrations in that book. And wait, you mean a weekend without crazy weather?? That might be the first one in 2014!

  4. The book is enchanting Nellie. Such lovely illustrations.

    Nice weather for today. A wintry mix for tomorrow and Sunday and into the mid 50s on Monday. Spring is on its way.

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  6. What lovely artwork. I love books like that. I hope you have a lovely weekend in spite of the weather. :)

  7. Yes, we always are looking for the end of the rainbow... I want that pot of gold myself!!!!! ha

    Beautiful morning on the plateau. I could get used to this weather --but Todd said that it will get cold again toward the end of next week. Oh Well...

    I'll be thinking about you two this weekend.

  8. Gorgeous illustrations!!!

    We're supposed to be rainy for the weekend. Yuk!

  9. We're enjoying some much needed sun and warmer temps today. I can actually see evidence of snow melting. Your book has such gorgeous illustrations. What fun!

  10. That book has some great pictures.

  11. What a wonderful old book, Nellie. I love Irish stories. I think I believed that leprechauns were real until I was about 12 years old....hmmm...maybe I still do. xo Diana

  12. Oh nooo, don't like to hear about a massive storm system. We're having delightful weather here for a change Love the pictures in that book. I too believed in leprechauns until about 10 or 12. Sometimes I still do when something out of the ordinary happens and we don't know who else to blame it on. he he

  13. What a book...the illustrations are beautiful. Glad you're in for a nice weekend!

    Blessings, gert