Saturday, March 29, 2014

Is it too early?

Happy Saturday!  Do you have some good week-end plans?

I've spotted these here at the house.

A basket full of bunnies!

Is it too early for these bunnies to make their appearance?  We haven't seen any outside yet, but these seem just about ready to jump out of the basket!  In fact, I believe they pushed something else out!

Sweet little lambs!

Do these little lambs seem to be a bit sad?  Perhaps there is a special basket that belongs to them.  The search is on!

The basket in the above pictures is a Longaberger Easter basket from 2000.  Collecting the Beanie Babies when they were first released was not my custom.  I have picked these up through the years at various locations - when the price was right!:-) 

This is a big NCAA basketball week-end!  Are you supporting a favorite team?  There are lots of games on TV this week-end.

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Good morning! I will be dodging raindrops, as I suppose you will, too, but it's ok, because the ground has been a bit dry lately. Your bunnies and lambs are adorable! I love the small ones, especially, because they're so easy for a child to hold and don't take up much space for storage when they're not being displayed. You know what my morning plans are, and I know yours, so I hope we both have a good time today! Love you, Sister! :-)

  2. No, it's not too early for them to appear, they're very cute! And I did see one outside the other day. So sad, but there's always next year! I've learned that phrase because I'm a die-hard Cub fan... Watched the Vols too. Glued to the TV this weekend!

  3. I was looking at bunnies yesterday thinking about sending some to my grands for Easter. I saw some cute ones. Yours are very cute as well as your lambs.
    I will be outside today cleaning my chicken coop and chopping more weeds. We have a few nice storms coming so I will be housebound next week. :)
    I hope you have a lovely time though.

  4. Even though our yard is muddy snowy mmess, it's never too early for Easter! I'm hauling out the decoration in between loads of laundry.

  5. It's never too early for sweet little bunnies, or lambs, whether it's Easter time, or not!

  6. Bring the bunnies on. It is never too early for them although I haven't seen a live one yet this year.

  7. What pretty colorful Easter Bunnies. : )

  8. Love your sweet little bunnies and lambs! I have/had several Beanie Babies. For the most part, I never bought any..outright. A few were gifts, the rest we bought from a friend who was a collector. She bought them in duplicates. So was selling them and we got a huge garbage bag full of them. We donated several to the church, to hand at the children's service. Some I kept (holiday ones) and the real unique ones. Like Elvis...Cashis Clay, Marilyn Monroe etc.. Lol Boy, I got carried away thinking of

    I guess all I have is an Easter wreath on our door. It's difficult getting to all my decorations right now.

    Blessings to your Sunday!

  9. Oh- I think it is time to bring the bunnies and the lambies and the chickies out of hiding. It is close to Easter so they can join the fun. That is a wonderful basket, Nellie.

    Hope you have a good night and a great Sunday- xo Diana

  10. I love Kentucky basketball and we rooted for them. Next weekend will be tough with UConn. Love those bunnies and the lambs too. SO sweet. I am pulling out lots of Easter around my house too.

  11. Oh the bunnies and the lambs..I am still a little girl and I love seeing them. I would love to snuggle one.