Monday, March 24, 2014

The week-end....

Happy Monday to you!  How was your week-end?

We spent some time "on the road" as we went to visit City Girl.  Things appeared to be more springlike where she lives, and we saw blooms on the Bradford pear trees in her area.

Time for lunch!

A tasty menu!

We took some time to go out to eat lunch on Saturday.  The weather was really nice, and we ate outside on the patio of the restaurant.

Meanwhile, this was happening "back home."

The Vols won their first two games in the NCAA Tournament, and they have made it to the "Sweet Sixteen!"  Next  up?  Michigan on this coming Friday in Indianapolis!

More basketball success!

The Lady Vols also won their first game in the NCAA Tournament.  They will be playing St. John's tonight.  A win with the next one will also send them to the "Sweet Sixteen."  We will be watching that game on TV!

We currently have some sunshine here, though the weather forecast sounds a bit ominous.  Anyone ready for a chance of snow?

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Yes, it is a bit chilly today, with that forecast of snow, but I'm not worried. I have nowhere to go, so I'll just stay inside and look at whatever comes through the windows of our warm apartment! The Vols are doing just great, and I'm really hoping they can advance even farther, both ladies and men. GO BIG ORANGE!!! I wore my orange turtleneck and cardigan to church last night, just to be sure! LOL Have a lovely day, Sister!

  2. Not bad at all. But your weekend was may very busy. Trees Planet

  3. Nellie, Your weekend sounds like it was fun and enjoyable. My mother loved those flowering pear trees. Glad your team is still in the running. xoxo,Susie

  4. Big congratulations to your VOLS!! I hope they go all of the way!

  5. I am glad you got to visit your daughter, Nellie. I am so glad that you enjoy your games. Hope you have an exciting week watching them play! xo Diana

  6. Snow for certain here,but not as much as the maritimes..Thank goodness..
    Sounds like a nice weeknd..I can't wait for al fresco eating!

  7. No snow here, just dreary, dreary.

  8. How fun to have an adventures visiting your daughter. I can't wait to eat outdoors again. It's continued to stay chilly. Today's high is only suppose to reach 27. It actually snowed again this morning. Enjoy the week ahead of basketball watching!

  9. Lots happening on the weekend, visiting your daughter and and your beloved team Vol won big.
    Enjoy the rapture.

  10. Well I hope it turns out to not be as bad as they are forecasting.
    It looks like you had a really nice weekend. Take care.

  11. Hi Nellie , you had a great and fun weekend and enjoyed City girl and Lunch . No snow in sight , hopeful the weather is catching up with spring . Thanks for sharing :)

  12. Do you realize that if KY and UT win their next games that they will play each other to go to the Final Four :)

  13. Sounds like a very nice weekend.
    I look forward to the warmer weather when we too can eat outside. : )