Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A trip to the country....

Happy Tuesday to you!  I hope your week is off to a good start.

Our Monday included a trip to the country to visit with the Country Couple.  It was a beautiful day, and we enjoyed being outside with them.

Just one patch of daffodils!

I took several pictures of all the daffodils that were blooming.  I may add them at the end of this post, if it isn't too long.

There are several sugar maple trees on the property where the Country Couple live.  They tapped the trees a few weeks ago and have been blessed with lots of sap!

Ready to remove the tap from this tree.

They have been boiling the sap down to syrup.  Here was the set up today.

When we arrived.

After several hours.

Country Girl prepared a very tasty lunch for us to enjoy while we were there.

Oops! Excuse the shadow!

Chili and cornbread!  What could be better eaten outside?  The day was gorgeous, and it was just perfect for eating outside.

We were kept company by some of the animals.

Diesel, the "outside" cat.

Diesel is very fluffy and was really loving rolling in the sun today.

Lone chicken.

Very tame.

The lone chicken is the only one remaining from a flock of several.  The others became prey for wild animals.:-(  City Girl has christened this chicken "Cupcake" because of her reaction to a cupcake that City Girl had in her hands.  In the above picture, The Husband had been feeding Cupcake bites of walnuts.  Cupcake would peck them off his leg, then later she would peck them from his hand.  This chicken isn't too spoiled!:-)

I hope your day will be full of whatever brings you joy!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. I love Diesel! I'm sure he keeps many varmints off the property for the Country Couple! That syrup will be delectable, I'm sure. What a shame that the rest of the flock met an untimely end, but Cupcake seems to enjoy being the special resident feathered friend. :-) I know you have a busy day today, and I'm praying for you as you take care of your business. Love you, Sister!

  2. what a fun day! we are in for another storm and some really cold temps!

  3. good morning! What a beautiful day you had,

  4. Beautiful weather for a nice lunch/visit outdoors. Love kitty and the chicken.

  5. What a great day and I love that she was making syrup. I love the lone chicken, Cupcake.
    They do get spoiled when they are only chickens.
    It does look like a fantastic day.

  6. It sounds like a wonderful day! Diesel is so cute and fluffy!

  7. Golly, Nellie, looks like you had some wonderful weather to go with that day in the country!

  8. Nellie, That sounds like a wonderful day outdoors. I love cornbread with chili. Interesting chicken and a pretty fluffy cat. xoxo,Susie

  9. Sounds like a fun day.
    Just this morning I spotted some little green sprouts of daffodils in my front yard. : )

  10. What a wonderful day outdoors. An early outdoor camping type picnic. How glorious! I hope our daffodils and tulips have been cozy and protected in all our mountains of snow. I can't wait to see them again!

  11. Hi Nellie , you had a very busy day but you had fun too .
    Getting to eat outside , hmm ,hmm good . Thanks for sharings :)

  12. Diesel and Cupcake made my evening! Love to them both.

  13. What beauty all around here. I love the daffodils! And I love the maple trees - nothing like that maple smell is there?

  14. Spring has arrived where you live. Is it possible that we will finally see Spring?

    Tapping maple trees reminds me of my childhood.
    I love daffodils. I can't wait for mine to bloom from under all that snow.

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