Thursday, February 20, 2014

Celebration underway....

Mardi Gras season has been  underway for several weeks in New Orleans, and possibly some other locations.  This is the season that precedes Lent, and Lent is the season that precedes Easter.  The calendar marks Tuesday, March 4 as Mardi Gras, translated to mean "Fat Tuesday."  The following day, March 5, is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. 

There are some colorful decorations available for the Mardi Gras season.  Ron at The Uptown Acorn has had a series of posts on his blog showing how he adorns his New Orleans home for Mardi Gras.  Here, my trimmings are not too elaborate.

A mask or two and some beads.

Of course, my mind goes to food.:-)  In the next several days, we will be enjoying foods like Red Beans and Rice, Shrimp Creole, and King Cake!  Perhaps there will even be pancakes on the Tuesday preceding Ash Wednesday!  I remember the times our daughters helped the youth at church prepare and serve pancakes as a fund-raiser for mission projects.

Now we hear about the latest winter storm Seneca threatening parts of the country.  For those of you who may be in the path of this storm, take care and stay safe!  I've never been aware of winter storms being named in the past. 

I send along wishes for a good Thursday to you.  The week-end is quickly approaching!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Hi Nellie , Mardi Gras , what a happy time we are having , floats , parades and just having fun , We start celebrating Mardi Gras in January and lasts til February .
    The King cake , now that is fun , who gets the baby , have the party the following year .
    Looking forward to your post , thanks for sharing :)

  2. I think naming the winter storms is a good idea!! LOL I think the one today should be named Terrible.

    I have always wanted to visit New Orleans during Mardi Gras.

  3. We usually have a pancake supper at our church on Shrove Tuesday. Most churches around our area have pancake suppers.

    We used to make fudge on Mardi Gras when I was a kid. It was our way of eating some sweet before Lent as it was a no-no to eat candy or sweet during Lent.

    We had another snow storm over night but it's mild at 2〫C. or 35.6〫F.


  4. My mind always goes to food first too. Lol It sounds great. Enjoy

  5. Nellie, I like the lace mask. I could go for some of those food items. :):) Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  6. We actually came through NOLA on Jan. 24-25 on our way to the cruise our children gave us, but the weather was so nasty on the 24th that we didn't see any cause for celebration! Then, on our way back, on the 30th, we were just interested in getting headed back toward home, so no celebration there, either. The children, however, had decorated the door to our cabin on the ship with festive posters in Mardi Gras colors, and the beads were abundant from other cruisers. I came home with some green, gold, and purple beads that are quite decorative! Of course, we'll be looking forward to any recipes that you decide to share with us! Hope your afternoon is going well today...sunny here now, but dire predictions for thunderstorms later might have an effect on our enjoyment of the evening.

  7. I was just thinking of Lent and I am glad you said when it starts. None of the calendars I have this year had it even marked.
    I like all of your Mardi Gras things that you have. I need to get out my cookbook my parents gave me one year from New Orleans. I love the food.

  8. I love following along on a few blogs that celebrate Mardi Gras in a big way. One of the main things I see over and over is the King's Cake. What fun. Hope you are having a great day- xo Diana

  9. Easter seems so far away with all the snow on our ground and now freezing rain outside. I saw that our local grocery store is advertising pączek donuts for the upcoming Fat Tuesday. A Polish band will play on Fat Tuesday at this grocery store. It's been a tradition to take Josie to listen to the band watch the Polish dancers. Looking forward to more recipes!

  10. Fun to see your masks and to learn about the food. I hope you will enjoy your weekend.