Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Something for the season....

Happy Tuesday to you!  I hope things are looking good for you wherever you are.

Just a few things here for the season.

A little dining room table setting.

I found the heart napkin rings on sale at Stein Mart, and I am always eager to use them for the table. 

Of course, Susan Branch is front and center.:-)

The teacups and saucers on either side of the cookbook are ones that I won from Nann's Table.

Part of the display shelving.

I change the mugs that are on display depending on the season.  I've a story to tell about two of them in this picture.  All the way to the left is a mug with that cute little bear in it!  I remember the student who gave that to me a number of years ago!  Next to it is a Mary Kay mug!  That was also a student gift and came complete with some of that wonderful Mary Kay hand cream!  Of course, the hand cream is long gone!:-)  On the wall behind the mug with the bear is a rolling pin from many years ago!  It belonged to my great-grandmother, whom I never met.

The other end of the shelf.

The mug to the very right of the shelf was also a student gift.  I remember the morning I received it, and I immediately washed it to use for my cup of tea for our snack time!  It was particularly tasty that morning, for some reason.  On the wall at the end of this shelf is another rolling pin!  This is one that we used at home when Mother had some leftover pastry dough.  She let us have the pieces, and we used that little rolling pin to roll them out as we wished.:-)  Do you remember this, Sister?

This is not a very good picture, as the things hanging below seem to be blurred.:-(  I will have to work on that and mention them in another post.

It is actually past time for me to be doing some cookie baking.  I really need to get busy with that so there will be something for tomorrow's blog.:-) 

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. You certainly have a wonderful collection of mugs and memories! Yes, I do remember that little rolling pin, but have not thought about it for years!! Thanks for bringing back that lovely memory! I LOVE those napkin rings and the whole table setting, too! You do such a great job of making things look pretty and inviting always! Have a lovely day, Sister!

  2. I love them all Nellie, I am sure each one has a story. I like all of the festive red and white ones.

  3. Oh wow look at all those mugs! Lovely! How many have you sipped coffee out of?

  4. Nellie, That touched my heart, the story of having your tea in the gift mug. Your rolling pins have beautiful memories. Hope you are safe and warm. xoxo,Susie

  5. Enjoying your mug collection. I have a few favorites, but pretty much stick to mugs I bought in Italy. They keep bringing back happy memories. Hope you're having a terrific Tuesday.

  6. I've been enjoying lots of green tea while I'm home...hoping for magical healing powers. You have a lovely collection of mugs. Those heart napkin rings are just wonderful. What a pretty tablescape.

  7. Hi Nellie , the little dining room table setting is just gorgeous . You have a wonderful collection of mugs and a lot of wonderful memories I make sure to know my kids' teachers birthday and make sure they give them a small gift for Christmas and Valentine's Day , a card , hankie , just to let the teachers know they are doing a great job , oh Nellie how I wish other parents would do the same. Teachers are helping to mold our most precious assets . Thank so much for sharing :)
    PS: I will be sharing this with other parents in my area to let them know that most teachers do care and dedicated to helping the children . ;-D Nee

  8. Nice collection of 'beauties', Nellie... Stay safe this week... Don't think we will get much snow --if any--up here tomorrow.

    I'm so disappointed tonight. We have reservations to spend 3 days (Wed-Fri) at Cashiers, NC at a quaint little inn there in the mountains... AND--they are predicted to have between 6-10 inches of snow plus sleet and power outages tomorrow... We can't even get into that area in that kind of weather.. SO--we have to cancel that trip... We were both looking so forward to this little trip since we were going to do some hiking and search waterfalls while there... Oh Well--tis life!!!!


  9. Hi Nellie,
    Priceless memories you have there Nellie. Love shows in oh so many ways and your home looks so festive! I actually have that Susan Branch cookbook. I must find it:)

    Recipe for tomorrow, I wonder what it will be, lol...Thanks for sharing, Nellie...

  10. What wonderful memories that are attached there, Nellie. I love all your pops of red in the pictures, too. This month is really flying past, too! xo Diana

  11. Beautiful collection of things...

  12. What a pretty shelf of mugs and mementos. I love the pattern on the canisters.
    Hope you are well Nellie.

  13. The best thing about your collection of mugs is the memories that are attached to them. It's a good thing that you can bring them out every year.

    You display is very appropriate for Valentine.
    36 days to Spring, I can't wait to see your Spring display.