Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February 12....

"You have to do your own growing

                         no matter how tall your grandfather was."

                                                                             - Abraham Lincoln

In honor of this day, I am having a mini-book review.

When I was teaching, I would bring something special for the children for snack on this day.  Usually it was Little Debbie's Swiss Cake Rolls.  With the more recent initiative in the local schools to insure that students receive more healthy choices, I suppose I would have to substitute something like pretzel rods.  Both give the idea of logs for a log cabin.

I know I gave promise of a recipe today.  I am making these preparations, however.

The first step.

We just aren't there yet.:-)

It seems that the weather continues to give us plenty of  things to say this winter.  We are awaiting the arrival of another snowfall here, and it would appear that the preparations Atlanta made for this recent storm were definitely in order.  I hope everyone will come through the icing and power outages without too much damage.

Thank you for reading.   I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Yes, I suppose pretzel logs would be more healthful, but they don't taste nearly as good as those Little Debbie snacks!! :-) I love your strawberry canisters, and look forward to that recipe whenever it is ready for us. Stay safe out there!

  2. stay safe...this is such an awful storm!

  3. I sure hope that you will all be OK and that the storm won't cause too much disturbance.

    Stay safe and warm.

    Are you making pretzels. That sounds yummy.

  4. Hi Nellie , I do so agree with Abe Lincoln , you have to stand tall in your own shoes , whether you are 5' or 7' tall .Snacks was once healthy until they started putting all those addictive in them to help preserve the shelf life .love your strawberry glass jars . Stay safe and warm and thanks for sharing .
    PS: We are getting snow this time around . ;-D

  5. You keep safe too! I'm looking forward to seeing what you bake.

    Nope, can't bring in homemade goodies to the students . . . Gave to have store ingredient labels! How ridiculous is that - you, just give 'em preservatives!

  6. You must have been such a fun teacher! Love the Little Debbie cake idea:)

    I'm making something sweet right now with butter on the counter for oatmeal raisin cookies later.

    Stay warm and safe my friend!

  7. So glad you brought attention to Mr. Lincolns birthday. It bugs me that we don't celebrate birthdays like his and Mr. Washington's on their birthdays.
    I love that you remember things the way I do too.

  8. Nice to meet you! Hope you are staying safe and warm.
    My little nephew loved the little Debbie swiss cakes but would cry if the icing stuck to the cardboard packaging!!!

  9. First time visitor to your blog. I shall look back at prior posts.

    I like the idea of pretzel rods, perfect for a log cabin theme.

    Stay out of the storm and enjoy another cup of tea. It is nice to meet you.

  10. That was a great idea about those Little Debbie rolls, Nellie...and pretzel sticks would work great, too.

    You would be so proud of our SweetCheeks. She knows ALL about Abraham Lincoln. She got up in front of class and told them all the facts about him. Birth date-death date- etc. She knew things even her teacher didn't-like the names of his two vice-presidents. She is like a sponge for learning. Her teacher gave her an S+ for her grade in Social Studies (1st grade). xo Diana

  11. I love all your recommendations for these fabulous books! Are you SURE you don't want to go back and try your hand at being a librarian?
    Enjoy the snow!

  12. I'll bet you were a good teacher and the students just loved you. You always come up with interesting books for them.