Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Adult day care....

Are you having a good Tuesday thus far?  The weather is certainly doing some strange things across the United States this season.  I hope conditions will be good today wherever you are.

I have had several posts about the adult day care at our church during the past week.  This is a program that has been in existence for just about seven years, and most of the participants have dementia or some sort of memory issues.  Whatever menu I might choose would not seem repetitious to them.  Then there are a few who come for the socialization opportunity.  Sadly, the lunch I served to one of these participants last Tuesday was the last I would serve for her, as she passed away just this past Friday.

It takes special people to staff this program, and I personally think we have the best!

As part of the fund-raising to support this program, there was a special event this past Sunday evening.  Some entertainment - this time a "jug band" and a well-known local television host known for his storytelling ability - and a silent auction were on the program!

From the Silent Auction!

This arrangement found a perfect spot in my house! 

How about you?  Do you ever attend Silent Auctions?  Do you ever bid - and win?

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate your comments.


  1. How nice that you do that. I have known some friends that are doing full time care for ailing parents and how that one day a week is such a lifesaver for them. I am glad you got that arrangement.
    You know I can't say if I have ever attended a silent auction. It is nice thought.

  2. I never have attended..wait..I did attend once years ago at one in my son's school where he was teaching. But I didn't win and I never quite "got it" as to how those things go completely.

    I LOVE that arrangement and I would have bid a LOT to get it.

  3. you are such a kind hearted person, that is a lovely arrangement. I have never won anything have bid on!

  4. I think more communities should have a wonderful program like this. It is great that you are able to share your cooking skills and help folks this way. xo

  5. I have never done any silent bidding, but I do enjoy the live auction that our Christian school has every fall at their Harvest festival. Lots of fun, as the auctioneer is a person who is known to many of us in our county, and he really knows how to work the room and run the bidding up! In fact, our pastor, who loves pecan pie, once paid $50 for one that was made by a former student! On a more serious note, I did see the obituary for that lovely lady, and I'm sure there is much sorrow among her friends and family. One of the sad parts of life is death, but we do have hope because of Christ!

  6. Yes---I have participated in Silent Auctions... Most of the time, I don't win since people will out-bid me... BUT--it is fun --and is always for a good cause...

    Beautiful arrangement.

  7. Sorry about the loss of the senior.

    Nope, I have never attended a silent (or not silent) auction.

  8. What a wonderful program, this is!

    Nope, I'm not one to participate in silent auctions. They have them at things I've been at. But I just don't have an interest.

    Now, this fund-raising, to support this wonderful program.... I WOULD participate in that!!!!

  9. Sounds like a great program to be involved with!

    Our weather has been all over the place today.
    Rain, hail, and then finally sun!

    I've never participated in a silent action but it sounds fun, especially as a fund raiser.

  10. You are such a good soul, Nellie. I absolutely LOVE that arrangement. It is beautiful. xo Diana