Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What's next?

Packing up.

Another one.

Finished packing this one.

What?!? Still another?!?

The "what's next" is Advent By Candlelight, an event sponsored by the UMW at my church.  We have an opportunity to be a table hostess, and I volunteered again this year.  The above pictures show the packing up process.  These things will be taken to church, and I will set my table for the event, which is to be held tonight. 

Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

Red Velvet Pound Cake

The table hostess provides dessert for those at her table.  Which one of the above desserts will be the one to go?  I know that someone who follows this blog will be one of the ten at my table, so I will just leave this a mystery until another time.  I don't want her to know ahead of time.:-)  Whatever I choose, this will certainly have some action.

Whipping is in order!

The next post will answer which dessert, as well as show some of the tables when they are all set in a Christmas theme.  I hope you will return.

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Oh I love your pictures! Just love them. Pretty, pretty, pretty...

  2. Oh, my!!! All I know is that I would be happy with either of those luscious desserts! Maybe I should crash the party!! No, I would not do that, even if I could get there tonight. I will look forward to the answer, and hope a recipe will accompany that answer! Have a great day--I'm sure that table will be beautiful and festive!

  3. I love events like this! Can't wait to see photos of the tables and which dessert was served to your table!
    hugs, Linda

  4. {Drool}
    The desserts look scrumptious !
    I'm sure your table with be wonderfully festive ...

  5. Is your sister going to be surprised? :) These events sound like so much fun. Both desserts will be a hit, I'm sure! xo

  6. Oh My Goodness.... I hope you take the Raspberry one BECAUSE I WANT the Red Velvet Pound Cake. That is one of hubby's favorite cakes..... YUM...

    Have fun.

  7. The desserts all look delicious. I am sure that the one you choose will be perfect!

  8. I'd pick the red velvet pound cake!!!
    Have fun tonight.

  9. Me, I wish I had some of ALL of them. NUMMY!

  10. You can send me the one you don't take. I'd be happy with either!

  11. Oh what a lovely tradition. Would you share your recipes? I'm always up for something new.

    Enjoy the blessings of the season!

  12. I used to do that too. I always enjoyed it so much. I loved decorating each year.
    I can't wait to see what dessert you took they both look yummy. I hope you took a picture of your table.

  13. Yum- Great desserts, Nellie. And a mystery for a fellow blogger!;>) I hope you have a wonderful night. xo Diana

  14. My goodness, how could one choose from those two taste treats!
    I'm sure the diners will be happy with whichever you take.
    Look forward to seeing everything set up. Looks like it will be a very festive table.