Friday, November 23, 2012

The day after...

Happy Friday to everyone!  Have any of you ventured out to any "Black Friday" sales?  I know some of you are celebrating Thanksgiving today - and perhaps there are those of you who will not have your family gatherings until the week-end.  Here, we had our family gathering yesterday.

There is no "Black Friday" shopping planned for any of us.  We will just continue to enjoy one another's company while taking care of some of those leftovers!:-)  A few preparations for the Christmas season will be made, though.

Some favorite books.

Because Thanksgiving has come earlier than usual this year, I feel like there is a little more time before Christmas.  It will be good to relax with some of these favorite books, doing a bit of rereading and helping set a holiday mood for me. 

You may recognize Susan Branch's Christmas Memories book.  It is already out on the table in order for our guests to write appropriate comments as they visit.  Also by Susan Branch, Christmas Joy always has a prominent spot on the table.

Skipping Christmas was a gift from a friend, and it is good to read again each year, as is The Cat Who Came For Christmas.  Deck the Halls has wonderful illustrations by Norman Rockwell, and the Little Big Book of Christmas has a variety of Christmas-related stories, recipes, and traditions.

So, while it seems that there is still time, I plan to take some time to relax this week-end with a book!

The next post will tell about a way some other people relax!

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate  your comments.


  1. I love reading old story books. I also love to watch favorite Christmas movies through the season. All the scrooge movies, and little women.
    enjoy your family and your left overs.:):)xo, Susie

  2. I am an avid reader and have been since I was in grade school.
    Your Christmas books look very inviting.

  3. It sounds so nice. I am glad that we have a bit more time too before the Christmas hustle and bustle. I bet you had a very nice day. I like your book titles too. I plan on relaxing too now that there is so much to graze on. Well at least until tomorrow. :)

  4. No Black Friday shopping here!!! :-)

    But getting out Christmas Books, was done here. And I made a pic of some of them, into my Header.

    I sort of collect them. Pretty books which remind me of old fashioned Christmas. Although I don't think of myself, as collecting anything. One of our sons does too, so I have told him, that mine go to him, when I pass on. :-) :-)

    Excellent way to spend the weekend... Easing into the Feeling Of Christmas Time. :-)

    Gentle hugs,

  5. No venturing into stores for me, though I will stop at the drugstore to get a prescription. I will order a few magazines as gifts online, but am keeping out of the chaos of stores today.

  6. I have not been out of the apartment today, although I had a few errands planned. They would have just been local things, not in the madness of the big sales, but my body just has not wanted to move much, so I've been a lazy bum! A great day for a good book, certainly, and yours look most pleasant!

  7. I get Christmas books out for our kids, too. They love it and enjoy sitting down for a Christmas read. No Black Friday shopping here either- you couldn't pay me to go!

    Blessings to you and yoru family- xo Diana

  8. No shopping for me. I worked up on Happy Trails making a walking trail.:)

  9. Nellie, I'm so glad you were able to just kick back and relax with your family! Getting out on Black Friday sure isn't my cup of tea either! However, my daughter and granddaughters had a ball doing it today! smile...


  10. No shopping here, I hate it on a good day.

    Between standing for hours yesterday and today, I'm shot. I'm looking forward to a good, long rest.