Friday, November 16, 2012

Some time away....

Happy Friday to everyone!  Do you anticipate the arrival of a Friday in the week?  It brings about a change of pace for some people who are looking forward to some different week-end plans.  We recently took some time away, but not on the week-end.  Our little getaway was during the week!

Has anyone else been here?

For our anniversary (back in August), the "children" gave us a Groupon for some time at Boone Tavern in Berea, KY.  There was, of course, some "fine print" on the Groupon, plus we have had a very busy schedule in the past few months.  We finally got away this week.

Pointing the way.
The Boone Tavern is located at the campus of Berea College, a small college with approximately 1,600 enrolled currently.  All the students do some kind of work to help finance their college education.

Entrance for guests to register.

The Boone Tavern was originally built in 1909.  One hundred years later, in 2009, the hotel underwent major renovation, becoming the first green hotel in the state of Kentucky!

Porch on the side.

The temperature was not very warm when we were there, so there were not any guests enjoying the rocking chairs on this porch.

The staff could not have been any nicer!  If you want an idea for a place to head for some time away, consider the Boone Tavern!

Whatever you have planned for the week-end, I hope you will find it time to recharge for what is coming next week!  :-)

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate your comments.


  1. Hi Nellie, Sounds like a beautiful getaway. We love GROUPON and have used it 3 different times for getaways. Recently, we went to Asheville for a couple of nights at $49 a night --plus free breakfast and $10 off of dinners..Great deal!!!

    We've been to Berea. There is a pretty waterfall near there. Also, my Great Aunt had 9 children. Several of her children were able to go to Berea College (this was WAY back in the 40's-50's) with scholarships... Great little school.


  2. Nellie- What a wonderful get-away. Your kids are great to have figured out such a nice gift for you. I am so glad you went and enjoyed it. The place is beautiful- xo Diana

  3. Hi Nellie...That looked like a lovely place to stay. What a wonderful present! Did you get any inside photos? Would love to see the rooms!

    Nellie, can you give me Glenda's email and yours, too? I'd like to drop you girls a line now and then but don't have your emails. Thanks. Mine is

  4. Susan, my email is It should show up on your blog now, as I have done some updating to my profile. I would be happy to hear from you! :-)

    Berea is a lovely little town! I last visited in 2005 with our daughter, who wanted a mother/daughter time and was thinking about returning to school. We enjoyed our stay at Boone Tavern greatly, as well as the little shops within easy walking distance from the hotel. It's great to see the improvements they have made, with the covered entry and front porch! While our daughter did not return to school (marriage happened instead), it was a great time for a peaceful visit to this quiet little town. :-) No, I do not work for the Berea Chamber of Commerce! :-)

  5. Goodness I haven't been to Berea for years now. This is as excellent recommendation as I could ever have though.


  6. That sounds like a wonderful getaway Nellie.

    I used to love Fridays when I was working at the AFB. In fact the Sgt, my boss gifted me with a Thank God I's Friday banner to put on the wall behind my desk. Now Friday is just another day.

  7. What a great place for a get a way!!
    I like Fridays though I don't really know why. It really is just like any other day for me.

  8. What a beautiful hotel! That was a very thoughtful gift from your children and I'm sure you enjoyed the get away and feeling pampered, Nellie.

    I'm so glad you shared your age on my post! We should be very proud to be in the 50+ blogging group and keeping up with technology--I'm sure blogging is one of the ways to keep young and vibrant. I know I'm alwasy excited to visit a new place, so that I cna then blog about it! :)

  9. What a beautiful place! I haven't been on a trip (other than to take care of business) in probably 20 years. I hope when hubby retires in February, we can at least take some short ones.

  10. What a nice place to stay. It looks wonderful.
    I hope you had a very nice time. Have a lovely weekend Nellie.