Tuesday, November 6, 2012

This is the day....

....for that lunch at the adult day care at our church!  I worked on Monday putting everything together.  It is ready to go!

On the menu this time:  Teeny's Hen and Dressing
                                       Sweet Potato Casserole
                                       Peas and Pearl Onions
                                       Cranberry Relish
                                       Pumpkin Cake

Earlier in October, I posted the recipe for the Pumpkin Cake, along with a picture, if I remember correctly.  I mentioned that it was going to the freezer and would be featured again as I finished it.

So - here it is!

Recipes for some of the other foods on the menu will be posted during this week, and a picture of the plate as served will be coming up on Wednesday!  Hopefully I will remember my camera!

This is also the day we, as citizens of the United States, may exercise our right to vote.  I hope you will find time in this day to vote - if you haven't already. 

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate  your comments.


  1. The menu sounds so good and the cake looks scrumptious. I have voted so may I please have a piece of cake?

  2. That cake does look most appetizing, and I'm sure those folks will enjoy your wonderful lunch today. The menu sounds really tasty! I have already voted, also, and my prayer is that our nation will somehow get back to the Godly principles that our founding fathers intended for us to follow.

  3. Nellie, wish I could join you for this meal..sounds so yummy. I voted and prayed at the booth. Smiles, Susie

  4. What a beautiful presentation, that cake makes! As well as being yummmmy, I'm sure. :-)

    You are such a good lady, to do these lunches for adult day care at your church. Wonderful...

    Oh yes, we voted, early this morning!

    Happy Election Day,

  5. The menu sounds so good and the cake looks delicious. (I have that same cake taker.)

    I'll be looking forward to that Sweet Potato Casserole recipe!

  6. I finally found you again, I have rejoined so I won't miss any posts, this is a lovely menu!
    That is a beauty of a cake, happy election day!

  7. That cake would be great with my coffee right about now!

  8. That menu sounds great Nellie. How kind of you to do that and on such a special day.


    PS I voted, do I get a piece of cake also??

  9. OH MY! That sounds good- You are such a tease- you KNOW I don't eat sugar!!! xo Diana