Monday, November 5, 2012

It's a LEGO!

Happy Monday to everyone!  I hope you have had a good week-end. 

I believe I failed to mention earlier that Boy Munchkin's ninth birthday was on November 2.  That was last Friday, and we of course had to help him celebrate.   He had requested a LEGO party, so the pictures below illustrate some of the arrangements Munchomom made.

Giant LEGO cake!

Card and display.

Cute LEGO banner!

Munchomom used giant marshmallows which she frosted to create the effect on top of the cake.  Boy Munchkin had requested a blue LEGO cake, and that is what he had! 

The first sets of LEGOs feature the primary colors of blue, red, green, and yellow, and the cute little Lego people in the banner looked just like the ones in the play sets!  Of course, now Boy Munchkin has "graduated" to those sets that have a jillion tiny pieces.  He received a few gifts that should keep him busy quite sometime with assembly.

The Husband helped by inflating balloons and hanging crepe paper streamers.  I wanted to show a picture, but couldn't find the right angle to show off his handiwork.:-)  I "helped" by counting the Legos in the jar for the guessing game! 

Do you see the jar on the table?

There were 216 LEGO pieces in that jar!  The goldfish crackers were multi-colored, and the M&Ms were brightly colored, carrying out the primary colors of LEGOs.

I send wishes for a good Monday to everyone!  Mine will be busy as I will be assembling the lunch for the adult day care at our church.  I provide lunch for 20 on the first Tuesday of the month.  That will be the subject of the next post - hopefully!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Awwwwww, what a cute all-over Birthday Theme! That Lego Cake is so coooool! I'd never have thought of that!

    Oh my, he counted all the Lego's in that jar! Know what? I think he did the most *hard work,* for this Party. ,-)

    Tell him I said so. But shushhh, don't tell the Mommy-Party-Maker-Person. :-)


  2. Munchomom is such a wonderful planner and decorator, and I'm sure everyone had a great time at the party! WOW!!! It's really hard to believe that Boy Munchkin is 9 already! I hope your day will go well, and that everything you have planned for that lunch tomorrow will work out smoothly for you. I'm sure it will all be delicious! :-)

  3. The birthday party sounds grand. I would have loved a piece of that cake.

  4. That Lego cake is genius! Josie loves Legos. What a fantastic birthday theme.

  5. LOVE THE CAKE! What a brilliant idea! That cake would have been a huge hit with my boys when they were young... even if I do cringe at colored icing. You should have taken pics of all the blue tongues that caused. LOL!

  6. What a terrific theme for a party. Great idea and I love the lego cake. : )

  7. That is a great cake. I really like the idea of using marshmallows. My grandsons are crazy about Legos so I might have to try that too. It looks like you had a nice time.

  8. What a sweet party and I love the LEGO cake. My youngest son played with Legos for years.

    I hope your day wasn't too overwhelmingly busy- xo Diana

  9. Great idea for all the party decor and cake - love that. I'll bet that he was thrilled with everything!

    It looks like a great time for everyone!