Saturday, November 24, 2012

Camping out....

Lest you think this post is about ME camping out, may I hasten to let you know that my idea of camping is staying in a room with hot and cold running water, heat and air, and the promise of an expanded continental breakfast the next morning!:-)  The closest I have ever come to tent camping was when I went on a Mother-Daughter week-end when City Girl was in Girl Scouts, and we stayed in a platform tent.  That must have been in 1980, so it has been awhile.

No, the camping I refer to is this:

In our backyard!

Yes, that is a tent, and yes, it is in our backyard!  Machoman and Boy Munchkin certainly have had a great time "camping out" in our backyard during this Thanksgiving visit.  There was a fire in the fire pit, and you know what that means!!  Yes!!  S'mores!!  Everybody in the family really enjoyed that!  With the threat of rain coming, camp was "disassembled" last night, and the campers came indoors for one night.:-)

I am not sure whether Machoman considers his "camping out" a relaxing way to spend this break away from work or not.:-)  He has reported on all sorts of "sounds in the night" in the neighborhood, sounds that we did not hear.  Perhaps we had better rest indoors.:-)

How about you?  Do you - or have you ever - enjoy camping?  

The subject of the next post will be about blessings.

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate your comments.


  1. we recently camped in a beautiful indoor tent with running water and a perfect huge continentle breakfast even omlets made with what you request! thats my kinda camping too but what wonderful memories your guys made and smores sound wonderful!! enjoy your weekend!

  2. I have never camped out but I worked with Girl Scouts when my daughter was young. I like your idea of camping better.

  3. I've done lots of tent camping in my day but now it's a bed and real potty for this lady! Hugs, Linda

  4. I with you, no tenting for me, I lived all my life in th bush but I would not sleep on the ground!

  5. Holiday Inn Express is our best choice when it comes to camping these days. However, I have camped out ---YEARS ago when my oldest was little.. We used to camp at Elkmont. I loved it THEN.....

    Hope the two little boys didn't get cold LAST night. It got down to about 20 degrees here... Brrrrr...


  6. In the old days, yes. In the nowadays, no thank you. I need my amenities to make it worthwhile!

  7. I had a couple of experiences with camping when I was a teen in our church youth group, and that pretty much spoiled my desire for any more such experiences! These days, my idea of camping is the nearest Motel 6, where at least they leave the light on for you! I'm sure those guys had a great time, but I'll be happy to leave those joys for them!

  8. Well, MyHero has purchased an old motorhome -one he has looked around to find for over 20 years...and, wouldn't you know...he found it? It is getting "prettified" and then we are going to try it.
    I have always said my idea of camping was to pull a Winnebago into a Holiday Inn!;>)

    Sounds like your two campers had a good time..S'mores and all- xo Diana

  9. Camping? Yes, we use to camp almost every weekend...however, 'never' in a tent. The kids use to camp in tents but 'never' We always had to have running water, heat, cool and

    Can't wait to read about your blessings,,

  10. Nellie, I'm with you - a room at the Ritz would be my idea of camping out! LOL

  11. Camping... Once... When I was 13 years old.... Platform tent also... With family... In a Camping Ground near a lovely lake.

    I hated it, and never did it again!


  12. I've camped but it's never been a favorite thing for me to do.
    I love having our travel trailer up at Happy Trails!!!!

  13. It looks like he had a great time. How nice your weather was warm enough for that. My son was going to do it once for a birthday party but by the time the sun went down the boys were all back in the house. It looks like fun.