Monday, November 12, 2012

Not only cooking....

This is more than likely a very busy time for most of you as you are probably making plans for when you are going to take care of the cooking duties that may be your responsibility in about a week and a half.  Be sure to take time to "smell the roses" or, in this case, enjoy some seasonal reading.

Two of a larger collection.

One for children - and one for me!:-)

The familiar song in a book!

Busy time here, so this is short.  More about that in another post.  I hope your week is off to a good beginning!

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate  your comments.


  1. I love all your Thanksgiving things. I did not live far from my mother's. So my girls would sing "Over the tracks and down the street to grandma's house we go.":) I miss all of that. xo, Susie

  2. My plans for Thanksgiving are undecided right now. If my son can't come home then what?? ;-)

  3. Oh I love that "Over The River And Through The Woods" book cover. :-)

    That used to apply to all our family Holidays. But since children are adults with children, we go to them. Although they are right around here.

    This Thanksgiving will be a repeat of last years, which was super. At one of our son's house. It will be a jam-packed event of adults and kids and sweet Black Labs. Fun! Fun! Fun!

    I have to bring Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie. Husband always makes the stuffin'. And Newman's Creamed Potatoes. Traditions....

    Traditions rock!


  4. Both girls are also anxious to watch the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving movie too. Can't wait for a few days away from our schools.

  5. thats such a great book! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration!

  6. Love your books, and always love the food I eat at your home when the family gathers! :-) Looking forward to another great time in a few days!

  7. The only thing that gets busier for me, is the stress. I'm into survival mode about now and will be until Dec. 26th.

  8. i told my children when they were home i was cooking so if they make it home they will have a great meal.. i love cooking thanksgiving! enjoy your evening and i hope your week wont be too busy!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving EARLY... I love Thanksgiving --and it seems to get lost these days since they start celebrating Christmas SO early...

    Great books... Won't do much cooking this year (a turkey breast and the trimmings)--but do hope to visit with a couple of my sons sometime during the weekend.


  10. Hope your preparations go very well Nellie.

  11. I Love that Over the River And Through the woods.

    We hosting dinner and have for years - love this time of year!


  12. LOVE that book and I'm getting revved up for Thanksgiving. I wish I had a copy to share with my family. Nann