Monday, November 26, 2012

From the "farm"

The "newlyweds" in our family live about an hour's drive away in a rural area of an adjoining county.  They rent a house built in the 1870's with several acres around and a few out buildings.  Thankfully, the one in best condition is the barn.  There are three horses who enjoy the shelter of the barn, and I have shown them previously on the blog.  The "Country Couple" also have two dogs and a cat.

We began calling this place a "farm" when chickens came to live there!  I asked about the breed of the chickens, but cannot remember to tell you.:-(  They are not all the same kind, and some of them are rather young.  Nonetheless, they are doing what chickens are supposed to do!:-)  We were really surprised and pleased when this came on Thanksgiving evening.

Almost a half dozen!

The "Country Couple" came in the late afternoon.  Our daughter had to work earlier in the day.  It was good to see them, anyway, and they brought us gifts from the chickens!  We will really enjoy these eggs.  We have not been to visit the chickens, so I don't have any pictures. 

Thanksgiving week-end is over now.  Another week is beginning.  Christmas Day is a month from yesterday!  What's next?  That will be the subject of the next post!

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate your comments.


  1. Nellie, It sounds as if some one may be restoring older homes.I love hearing that. I like chickens but do not have any...too much work keeping varmints away from them. Enjoy your day. xo, Susie

  2. Nellie, it sounds like my friends who moved to Whytheville, VA. Started with chickens, then turkeys, now cows! Three of them!! xo

  3. Oh how outstanding to get the gift of fresh from the hens who eat well, eggs. WHAT a sentence that was that I mutiliated. :-)

  4. Fresh eggs are the best. Our daughter's best friend always bring farm fresh eggs when she spends the night as long as we promise to make omelets.

  5. How nice to live in a place like that. I am so glad you got fresh eggs. I wish my hens would decide to start laying. I really hate buying eggs. :)

  6. If I were younger, I'd love to live in the country!!! I never got to ever do that ---so maybe I'll get that chance in another lifetime... ha....

    We used to buy 'yard eggs' out in the country years ago. I always thought that brown eggs were better....


  7. How nice - fresh eggs right off the farm.
    Sounds like a great place to live. I'd love to have some chickens and maybe a cow or two. : )

  8. Farm fresh eggs are THE BEST! Having a farm to be able to have farm fresh eggs is even better!

  9. What a wonderful gift from Country Girl and her hubby! You may remember that we had a few chickens when we were children. I don't think they ever provided any eggs (it's been a LONG time), but I remember that one of the "pet" chickens pecked the scab off my smallpox vaccination! I guess it looked like a bug! No harm done, since it was ready to come off anyway, but I sure did cry! Boy, was I a wimp back then! :-)

  10. Oh how blessed you have unexpected family come to visit and to bring 'fresh' farm eggs!!

    Enjoy the week!


  11. i want chickens so i can have fresh eggs so bad! but teddy would eat the chickens. i have egg envy!

  12. Fresh eggs, a lovely thoughtful gift!

  13. Hi Nellie....So glad you got nice, fresh eggs. Oh, they are so much better than the supermarket eggs, aren't they?

    Thanks for all your faithful visits to my blog! You are a dear. Susan

  14. Eggs, which you know, know, know where they came from! Wonderful! Enjoy!!!!!

    Oh wow, they rent a house built in the 1870's. Oh wow.... Any pics of there? An old place like that. It must be super.

    Oh and any resident ghosts? Golly-gee, a house that old, would sort of have to have a ghost or two, it seems to me! :-)))))))))

    Please ask. Your nutty blogging "Auntie" wants to know! :-)