Saturday, November 23, 2013

Still hanging on....

How are things looking for your week-end?  Are you having good weather for outdoor fun?  We had drizzle here off and on all day yesterday, with the prediction of that continuing today, at least this morning.  When the drizzle leaves us, there will be colder temperatures on the way.

This is not the first time we will have cold temperatures.  In fact, I have cut the "last rose of summer" twice.:-)  Well, this is one determined rose bush, because this has appeared this week!

Is this the "last rose of summer?"

This is not the only bud on our bushes, though I have not cut any to bring in the house.  I am hoping there will be some of the "burning bush" lingering for our enjoyment for the coming week.

Some of you may be having family gatherings this week-end.  Enjoy!

The Vols are welcoming Vanderbilt to town for a football game tonight.  Orange and white are the colors of the day!  Vandy won last year, and Vol fans are hoping for victory tonight.  We will watch the game on TV.

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. I love that photo Nellie, It is really cool looking.
    I hope you have a nice weekend too.
    It is cloudy with rain. My sister in Oklahoma is having a colossal ice storm. I hope you don't have that. Stay warm.

  2. It's nasty here. I've had to resort to turning the heat on. We still have flowers blooming and a lot of green. Not sure how long it will last if the weather stays this way. I can't even make myself step outside.

    Stay warm!

  3. Nellie, Wow a November rose. I am shocked. Our day is so very cold...but the sun is hanging on for now. :):) You know I am loving that. Blessings sweet Nellie, xoxo,Susie

  4. Nellie, what a lovely snapshot!
    We are having a sunny day here, and there is snow on the ground...
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  5. A beautiful photo Nellie!
    It is windy and bitter cold here today with snow flurries!

  6. That is one crazy rose!! I think it's just messing with your mind, trying to see how many times you'll cut off the "last" one!

    Sunny here now, but very chilly, and supposed to be even colder in the morning. GO VOLS!!!!

  7. It's just been cloudy here but the temperatures are supposed to go down pretty low and bring us some snow tonight. We shall see.

  8. Hi Nellie , The Rose must be a lady , as you know we will go down fighting D) . I agree with Glenda , the rose is messing with your mind , you may have one for Christmas , it's suppose to rain for the weekend . Have a happy and warm weekend and thinks for sharing :)

  9. Great pictures. it's bitter cold here and we had a dusting of snow a couple of nights ago. Sigh - it's only going to get worse too.

  10. How lovely to have a rose blooming so late in the season. I love to bring in those very last blooms and put them in a specimen vase to enjoy inside. You probably know that lovely song "The Last Rose of Summer".
    The weather here is still quite cool, but according to the forecast will start warming up gradually next week.
    I really enjoy reading about your life. Keep warm,

  11. I wonder if it would still be holding on it it were here - it's 17 degrees here this morning lol!!