Saturday, November 9, 2013

Will this be the last?

Happy Saturday to you!  I hope your day has started off on a good note. 

Several days ago, I posted a picture of what I assumed would be the "last roses of summer."  I had cut the roses from our knock-out bushes when we expected colder temperatures.  Since that time, we have had several cold and frosty mornings, so I was surprised when I noticed these.

A rose is blooming....

....and another!

Some small buds here....

....and another bloom here....

....and here....

and here!

Of course, there are mums!

Do you see the bumblebee working?

Even the begonia is joining in!

Surely this will be the "last roses of the summer."

As our temperatures have become as cold as predicted, these are probably the last roses of summer from here.

There is a football game this afternoon.  The VOLS will play 9th-ranked Auburn for Homecoming.  Keeping up with that game will surely fill part of my day.:-)

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. I remember that your lovely rose was still blooming beautifully last Thanksgiving, but we had not had so many chilly days at that time. Your green thumb is showing, and we thank you for sharing those blooms with us! GO VOLS!!!! Wearing an orange shirt today, no matter what! :-)

  2. Good morning, Nellie:)

    How lucky are you to still have Roses blooming. Mine were holding on for as long as they could until they just had to succumb to this frosty weather.

    I did have a Blanket flower that was a bit mixed up. It started budding just the other day but alas, it is now "frozen" in time until next year:)

    Penn State doesn't have a home game today but that's okay, I'm not much of a football fan anyway, lol...

    Thanks so much for sharing your blooms, Nellie...Have a glorious weekend!

  3. Those roses seem to be persistent. Our mums have been persistent as well. They're still holding on even with all these frosts :)

  4. The roses are lovely Nellie. What a nice surprise to find roses still in bloom.

    We are forecast snow here for Monday.

  5. The last of the season flowers are always special.

  6. Hello Nellie...

    So happy you have garnered the last roses of summer! Lovely.

    Hope your weekend is delightful.


  7. How fortunate to still have so much colors around and such pretty roses.
    Hardy rose bush are so worth planting.
    My pink John Davis rose bushes have been blooming even after repeated light frost but this week it got hit by hard frost.


  8. Each one after the one you thought would be the last is an added bonus!

  9. Nellie, Your flowers are lasting a good long time. I love that roses will bloom when you think they are finished. My day was wonderful , hope yours was also. xoxo,Susie

  10. Hi Nellie , You are so fortunate to still have blooms , enjoy them and thanks for sharing and enjoy the game , thanks for sharing :)

  11. OH I want to take their pictures so badly!!!!

  12. How nice to have a few surprises of color left in November. I just see brown around my house

  13. they just keep giving! I hope theres more to come, ours are long gone!

  14. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous pictures.

  15. You are so lucky to still have some colorful bits of garden there. We are frozen now and all has least I think it has- xo Diana